The Sankara Nethralaya Academy (TSNA) conducted the “Supervisory Skills for Managers” a training program to provide a hands on feel of real time management techniques (18th Jan 2013)

Mr.A Mahalingam – Asst Registrar, The Sankara Nethralaya Academy, welcomed the participants with a nice introduction of the course, followed by introducing the speaker Dr.MV Ashok babu to the audience.

Dr. Ashok a qualified trainer started the session with an “ICE BREAKER” which ensured each and every participant to know each other by names. He took the session for four hours on the topic, with lively examples, many video clippings, coupled with management games.

The Trainer highlighted to the trainees that in order to be the  best ‘Leader’ one should not hesitate to work with his/her subordinates, and  constantly Coach, Teach, Guide, Demonstrate, Counsel, Impart Knowledge, Train, and make his/her subordinates to apply the learned knowledge at the work place.

The Leader should check, cross check and double check his subordinate’s work until satisfied and then give them full freedom at the workplace. Trust should be watchword and by doing so, all subordinates will give their best and they will all take the responsibility of fulfilling the task. Responsibility without authority is futile and hence the Leader should give authority to certain level to his subordinates.

Knowledge if properly imparted will have its effect on one’s attitude, and this will change one’s behavior providing him a new skill, and it will become a practice.

Lecture on ‘Law of attraction’ –excerpts from the book ‘THE SECRET’ made the audience to ponder.

Many participants wanted it as a full day session. The session ended with a motivating speech by Mr A Mahalingam and later ended with vote of thanks.

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