February 2019

A healthcare pioneer and his landmark institution find their pride of place at niche ‘Science outreach program’

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), founded by world famous Mathematician Alladi Ramakrishnan in 1962, is an autonomous national institution for fundamental research in the areas of Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science and Computational Biology. The highly prestigious Chennai based research centre engages itself in a niche exercise of demystifying complex scientific algorithms and equations by presenting them in a lively, illustrative narration to anyone with a passion to science. The 4th edition of this immensely popular annual ‘Science Outreach’ initiative named ‘Science at the Sabha’ will be held at the Music Academy’ TTK Road, Mylapore, Chennai between 4:30pm – 7:00pm on Sunday the 24th of February 2019

While the knowledge dissemination proceedings at the auditorium would showcase the complex algorithms and equations of Science and its wonders in its multiple facets, in a most alluring manner, the organizers have decided to showcase the human side of Science, Science in the service of man and how exemplary men and women of Science leveraged it to alleviate pain and suffering of mankind, by holding a photo exhibition at the lounge, showcasing this great city’s glorious tradition in Science, Mathematics, Education and Public Service along with the great visionaries and architects and their landmark institutions that helped in defining them.

It is a matter of great pride to every one of us that the organizers have recognized ‘Chief’ and Sankara Nethralaya as part of the glorious Science legacy of the city and the exhibition would include proud images of both.

Please make it convenient to attend this most enlightening and enjoyable session, entry is free but pre-registration is mandatory so do remember to register online as an attendee by clicking the link below

Happy learning!

The grandmaster of Uvea scales another glorious peak in his long uphill climb

AIOS-Adenwala award-2018

It was a proud moment for every member of Sankara Nethralaya as its internationally acclaimed expert in Uvea, a great teacher as much as a great clinician and researcher, Member International Uveitis study group and executive council member, International Ocular Inflammation Society, Dr Jyotirmay Biswas was awarded the highly prestigious ‘AIOS-Adenwala award-2018’ for his invaluable contributions to ophthalmology and the AIOS, at the 77th annual conference of the All India Ophthalmological Society held at Indore between the 14th to 19th February 2019. The scientific committee of the AIOS acknowledged and commended the veteran’s ‘Journey in Uveitis through 28 years’ which witnessed clinical care of the highest order, mastery over the subject exhibited through an astonishing number of publications and white papers on the subject and its related areas in highly prestigious peer reviewed journals and outstanding teaching and training endeavours in the field.

The Sankara Nethralaya family salutes and congratulates Dr Jyotirmay Biswas its simple, unassuming Director of Uveitis and Ocular Pathology, known fondly as Dr JB, for this outstanding recognition in his field which makes him a member of a select group of ophthalmologists that includes Dr G.Venkatswamy, in the ‘200th year of Indian Ophthalmology’.

We are proud of you Sir!

In-depth talks by renowned subject matter experts open the floodgates to better understanding and management of ophthalmic disorders

In-depth talks by Dr Mohamed javed Ali eminent Dacrylogist heading the Govind Sekasria Institute of Dacrylogy at the LV Prasad Eye Hospital and Dr Carlos Pavesio, Medical Retinal Director,MoorfieldsHospital, UK helped in a broader understanding of the subject for participants from Sankara Nethralaya and external attendees. Mirage-The Myth of Watering a conference organized by the Department of Oculoplasty proved to be an oasis of knowledge with the world renowned expert on dacrylogy especially the lacrrimal drainage system sharing his views on the subject. The eminent ophthalmologist underlined the need to be a good clinician and scientist to make an impact. The guest lecture by Dr Carlos Pavesio the highly acclaimed authority on the Retina began with a fulsome praise to one of the the host institution boasting of one of the world’s largest and well equipped and manned by experts Vitreo-Retina department in the world, hailing Sankara Nethralaya as an amazing institution the eminent ophthalmologist observed that coming to the institution has always been a great learning and adding to his experience, The expert gave an elaborate talk covering topics like gluco therapy in treating uveitis, the reservation that purists in the field had to the usage of drugs which they termed as ‘toxic’, macular edema,modalities for ocular dry syndrome,VEGF in Uveitis, anti VEGF perceoptions, AMD etc. The talks helped in a healthy exchange of views and dissemination of knowledge.

The Sankara Nethralaya academy conducts an extensive health check of the health care industry

Healthcare Management

As an academic institution committed to dissemination of knowledge for the common good of society and adopting a holistic view to healthcare delivery, the Sankara Nethralaya Academy conducted a high power seminar titled ‘National Seminar on Emerging Paradigms in Healthcare Management’ on the 9th of February 2019. The objective and goal of the exercise was summed succinctly as an attempt to enhance healthcare service leading to a better and healthier society through collaboration between the science of healthcare and art of management by Shri G.Senthil Kumar, Assistant Professor, TSNA and active organizer of the event. The seminar could possibly termed as first of its kind as it dwelt in-depth into both the operational challenges of dispensing healthcare in terms of attrition of resource, branding, marketing and on the other hand on the healthcare delivery vis a vis the apportioning of costs, roles of the service provider, government bodies etc. Describing ‘Health’ as nothing but the absence of ‘ailments’ Dr S.Ramani, Principal TSNA highlighted that in the olden days man lived in perfect alignment with nature but today we are challenged by health issues disrupting life in spite of technological advancements and only disruptive technology can address the same and the challenges that lay ahead in healthcare dispensing are quality and affordability. Dr Anuja Singh, Vice Principal, TSNA leveraged the opportunity to showcase her institution and highlight its achievements to the distinguished audience and attendees.  Speaking on the occasion Dr R.Chandrasekhara Menon, Dean, Kalasalingam University, Srivilliputur went into the basics of healthcare dispensing in terms of who should profit out of the entire operation the beneficiary, hospital the government, the insurance firm? Delivering the keynote address Dr TS. Selvavinayagam, Additional Director, Tamil Nadu health System project an arm of the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of TN emphasised the advantages of preventive care over curative care in terms of cost and avoiding human suffering leading to better quality of life. The senior bureaucrat underlined the high advantage of scale when the government procures healthcare (drugs, diagnosis and clinical care) from the private healthcare providers and dispenses it to the public which would drastically reduce the cost of consumption per patient. Dr Selvavinayagam concluded his keynote address with high word of praise for the TSNA in terms of its infrastructure, trailblazing courses and quality of knowledge dissemination. The highlight of the seminar was a panel discussion by experts from different fields on the topic’ Healthcare – Quality Vs affordability’

‘An eye for safety’ Sankara Nethralaya’s drive towards ensuring safety on the road, kick starts on top gear

Chennai has the dubious distinction of being a city with one of the highest road accident rates in the world the head being the most vulnerable part of the body to be hit leads to brain injury, nervous disorders leading to vision impairment., a grave fact that the ‘Neuro-ophthalmology’ department wanted to be communicatd to the general publicthrough a series of initiatives culminating in a short movie on road safety to be screened at the ‘’Symposium in Neuro-Ophthalmology: Afferents plus Efferents -2019 ‘SYNAPSE-2019”. Dr N. Anhuradha,Assistant Professor, Elite School of Optometry, a veteran in awareness creation on children’s eye healthtook th challenge of reaching out the message of safety on the road while riding/driving with an emphasis on good vision and the need to wear proper helmet and seat belt while riding/driving. The first of a series of awareness creating initiatives was the installation of the special vision evaluating logMAR charts developed by the ESO at 10 major Hindustan Petroleum outlets across Chennai city. The inaugural of the same was held at the COMCO HP the company owned and operated bunk at Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai. The Vision chart was inaugurated and dedicated to the public by Mrs Subha Muthuraman, Senior Marketing Manager, Hindustan Petroleum. Dr Anuradha gave a brief on the vision chart, its easy usage and the need for healthy vision while driving/riding on the road. The inaugural was graced by Ms Akila Ganesan, Director Administration, Mr.Suresh, DGM-Administration&Projects and Dr.Viswanathan-DGM, Optical Services. Five teams of Sankara Nethralaya employees including optometrists spread themselves to 9 more petrol bunks in the city and carried out similar awareness creation activities including distribution of T Shirts with eye safety messages to the bunk employees, installing special vision charts and encouraging the employees and customers coming in to fill to have their vision checked and distribution of eye screening handbooks. The first activity in the ‘An eye for safety’ initiative was very well received by the general public.