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Big dreams, big achievements and big relief win big honours!


Terms like enterprising spirit, dreaming big, increasing market share and business innovation seem typically in sync with large commercial enterprises operating in a competitive marketplace. These qualities appear out of place in a not for profit, service oriented environment as they are essentially viewed as qualities that commercial enterprises need to survive, sustain and win in a tough marketplace. As an institution Sankara Nethralaya has proved several times that a not for profit, service oriented institution can also leverage these qualities as much as commercial enterprises to fulfil its mission effectively and professionally. Accolades like ‘Best Social Enterprise of the Year’, ‘Business Superbrand’ ‘Best IT adoption in Healthcare’, ‘Outstanding Institution Builder’ award to Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Dr SS.Badrinath, are testimonials of this. The institution was also chosen as a ‘Business Model’ for their case study by members of the Avicenna Leadership Program from the Innsbruck University, Austria pursuing their ‘Medical Education Leadership Course’ under the American-Austria Foundation and by the Eastern chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata to share its ‘Business Model’ at their seminar titled ‘Healthcare- Its reach, cost and quality’

It was a strong reiteration of the above spirit when Sankara Nethralaya was chosen as the ‘Best Healthcare Institution’ at the D2d (Dare to Dream Awards- Season-2) organized jointly by Zee Business and SAP, India. The jury applied their performance evaluation parameters of ‘Market Expansion’ (MESU & Teleophthalmology’s cost free outreach) ‘Business Innovation’ (MESU) and ‘Efficient Processes’ (overall functioning) in that order.  It is noteworthy to add that while the above qualities help an enterprise to increase its commercial worth and its stakeholder’s worth in the case of SN they helped in the common good of mankind and society at large by reviving the lostvision of a large base of underprivileged visually impaired.

The Sankara Nethralaya family expresses its gratitude to the organizers of the D2d awards, organized essentially to acknowledge winning commercial business models, for acknowledging and honouring its endeavours in alleviating the pain and suffering of mankind and making them self- reliant and independent and salutes the MESU and all our outreach teams for their excellent work in reaching eye care to the unreached.

PS- We request every member of the SN family to switch on the ‘ZEE Business’ channel on Saturday 30th November 2019 (tomorrow) & Sunday 1st December 2019 at 8:30 PM and enjoy the proud moment as Dr Girish Shiva Rao, President & Medical Director, MRF receives the ‘Zee Dare to Dream’ award-2019 from Dr Rajendra Kumar, Principal Secretary & Industries Commissioner, Government of Tamil Nadu, Mr Ritwik Ray, Senior Sales Manager, SAP, India, Mr Lal Singh, General Manager, Union Bank Of India, Chennai at the glittering award ceremony held at the Hyatt Regency, Chennai.