Inauguration of Amiya Kumar Ghosh Vision-Aid Resource Centre – Vision Enhancement Clinic, SN- Rajarhat, Newtown

The Amiya Kumar Ghosh Vision-Aid Resource Centre – Vision Enhancement Clinic (VEC), SN- Rajarhat, Newtown was inaugurated on 31st December 2022 by Col Tapas Saha Roy, Medical Superintendent, SNK – Rajarhat. This Vision Enhancement Clinic is a joint collaboration with Vision Aid and was dedicated in memory of Shri Amiya Kumar Ghosh of Kolkota by his family in India, USA, and Australia.

This new centre is the only one of its kind in the Eastern part of India and its aim is to restore optimal vision function to patients through early intervention. Mrs Sapna Saxena, Donor, inaugurated the centre. The importance of such a centre to serve the patients in the Eastern parts of India was pointed out during the event.

The event was attended by Mr Arijit Ghosh and Mr Bijan Mukhopadhyay, donors, Mr V L Narasimhan, Executive Director of Vision Aid India, and Mr Ankit Deb, Vision Aid Volunteer. Also present were Sankara Nethralaya family, Kolkata kDr Sujatha Guha, Medical Director, Dr Suchetana Mukherjee, Deputy Director, Rajarhat, Col Tapas Saha Roy, Medical Superintendent, Ms Bony Das, Manager Administration, Rajarhat, and Mrs Payel Das Ghatak, Head of Department of Optometry.

A Well-trained Vision Rehabilitation Specialist guides patients on visual stimulation and developmental therapies, and treat a variety of visual impairments such as visual information perception, visual behaviours, visual acuity and eye-coordination, and eye movement (saccadic and pursuit).

Vision Rehabilitation is intended to improve the quality of life of many patients with visual impairment and other brain dysfunctions.

The Vision Enhancement Clinic is located at Sankara Nethralaya, New Town, (Premises No 253333,Plot No – DJ/16 ,Action Area : 1D. New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata).

Mr Arijit Ghosh: Donor
Mrs Sapna Saxena: Donor
Mr Bijan Mukhopadhyay: Donor
Mr V L Narasimhan: Executive Director of Vision Aid India
Mr Ankit Deb: Vision Aid Volunteer
Dr Sujatha Guha: Medical Director Kolkata
Dr Suchetana Mukherjee: Deputy Director Rajarhat
Col Tapas Saha Roy: Medical Superintendent
Ms Bony Das: Manager Administration Rajarhat
Mrs Payel Das Ghatak: Head of Department Optometry kolkata
Mr Venkata Ramanan Ramasethu: Academic Incharge Optometry kolkata
Ms Shalini Sen: Optometrist
Mr Anik Sarkar: Optometrist

Sankara Nethralaya (KBSN), Rajarhat, Kolkata launches Vision Enhancement Clinic

On 27th August 2022, the Sankara Nethralaya Vision Enhancement Clinic (VEC) was inaugurated at Sankara Nethralaya (KBSN), Newtown, Kolkata. The VEC utilizes the functional ability of an impaired individual to improve their quality of life. It was launched in the distinguished presence of Dr. Girish S. Rao, President, Dr. Manoj Datta, Ms. Sudha Mohan, Senior Manager – HR, Ms.Payel Das Ghatak, HOD- General Optometry, Mr. Venkataramanan Ramasethu, Manager – General Optometry, Ms. Bony Das- Administrative- incharge, Mr. Anik Sarkar and Ms. Pousali Pattanayak, Optometrists.

The VEC is committed to advocate and provide services to the needy, so as to improve their visual skills and abilities using their residual vision. Once the patient has been identified and referred, a team of rehabilitation professionals will provide therapy to these patients with visual impairments to improve their functioning level in their day to day activities.