The International Labor Organization

World Day on Health and Safety at Work

Guest Lecture by: Dr Sivaraman B, Senior Orthopedic Consultant, Apollo Hospitals

Date: 28th April, 2023, Friday

The International Labor Organization (ILO), initiated the World Day for Health and Safety At Work, in order to emphasize and promote the global prevention of accidents and disease at work, on 28th April every year. This year, the day is celebrated with the theme of “A safe and healthy working environment is a fundamental principle and right at work”. On this day, the Department of Occupational Optometry Services invited Dr Sivaraman, Senior Orthopedic Consultant, Apollo Hospitals, to deliver a lecture on “Musculo-Skeletal Disorders – What everyone should know for their healthy living?” Musculo-Skeletal Disorders are among the leading occupational morbidities, with the reported prevalence ranging from 6% to 75% in various occupational settings across the country. To understand the Musculo-Skeletal Disorders symptoms experienced by the employees of the Sankara Nethralaya, a quick survey was conducted across various departments and about 181 responses were received.

Dr Sivaraman B, Orthopedic Surgeon, started the session by mentioning the frequent symptoms reported by the health care workers, mostly the neck and back pain, due to improper posture adopted by the employees while at work. He also mentioned that despite following the proper ergonomics, the MSD symptoms can manifest due to muscle weakness. This needs to be prevented by practicing stretching/exercise and drinking adequate water – minimum 3 liters, unless you are diagnosed with any heart or kidney problems. The symptoms can also be due to vitamin D and B12 deficiency. He also discussed proper ergonomics while carrying a load and while working on the computer.

He discussed extensively about the reasons for neck /shoulder pain/back pain. These issues can be managed with posture correction, proper hydration and exercise. He concluded the session with preventive orthopedics, where he discussed on how to go about managing the wear and tear of muscles. Vitamin D and B12 deficiency can be one of the leading cause of the MSD’s, which needs to be monitored and adequate supplements should be taken. People who experience a tingling sensation in the legs/extremities may need vitamin B12 injection. He emphasized the need for correct posture adaptation, preventive exercises and adequate hydration. In case of persistent pain, he advised: “Do not ignore – get yourself consulted and treated”.

Dr. Sivaraman also shared his YouTube and web pages: Prime Ortho and Shoulder Care,, and for demonstration videos on exercise/stretches and preventive strategies for various orthopedic conditions.

The full session can be video can be watched in this YouTube link: