India Vision Institute

Head of the academic institution of Optometry contributes to implementation of the ‘World Report on Vision’ through the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness

India Vision Institute conducted a virtual conference between 2nd and 4th October, 2020 on the
theme ‘Eye Health in the changing world’. This was a virtual conference with delegates from across
the globe. The International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) that is instrumental in
ensuring eye and vision across countries had conducted a panel discussion in the conference on the
“Role of Optometry in delivering World Report on Vision” Ms Jude Stern, Head of Knowledge
IAPB invited Dr N Anuradha, Principal, Elite School of Optometry, India to be a part of the panel to
share her expertise on implementing World Report on Vision(WRV) through targeted initiatives from
optometry with respect to India.

The session held on 3rd October is a crucial initiative globally aligning with the two major themes of
the WRV on refractive errors and cataract and hence witnessed a great response from the
participants of the conference.

The session was moderated by Mr Yuddha Sapkota, Regional Coordinator, International Agency for
Prevention of Blindness and the panelists included Ms Jude Stern, Head of Knowledge IAPB, Dr
Daniel Ting, Singapore Eye Research Institute, Dr Andreas Mueller, Advisor to the World Health
Organization along with Dr Anuradha Narayanan, Principal, Elite School of Optometry, India

Session discussion was on two key themes namely Integration and Advocacy. Details included
opinions on integration of eye care into health care, importance of integration of Optometry care in
this changing world in terms of service coverage and technology and how optometry is integrated
into eye care services in different countries. Ms Jude also shared about IAPB Vision Atlas and IAPB
advocacy documents that would be shortly released. Dr Andreas briefed on how national optometry
organization work with local or regional WHO to advocate for an implement WHO recommendations.
He gave details on e-modules on cataract and refractive errors released by WHO.

Dr Anuradha shared specifics about the India context in terms of integrating optometry
within broader health services and the ways optometry, ophthalmology and other eye care providers
work together in the eye care system. She also shared about the challenges and lesson learned in
advocating Optometry in the context of India and the role of World Report on Vision focus on
integrating optometry. This is the first time an optometry expert from the institution is invited by the
IAPB on advocacy of eye and vision care.