Outlook Health ranks Sankara Nethralaya as No 1 Eye Hospital – All India

Sankara Nethralaya is proud to be ranked No.1 eye hospital in India by Outlook Health. We thank all our ophthalmologists, nurses, healthcare providers, and employees for their dedication, compassion, and hard work in making us No. 1.

Sankara Nethralaya Receives the Single Specialty Award at the 13th MT India Healthcare Awards 2023

India’s largest healthcare magazine, Medgate Today, announced Sankara Nethralaya as the winner of the Single Speciality Hospital Award of the Year at the most prestigious 13th edition of MT India Healthcare Awards at Medical Fair India, India’s No. 1 trade fair for hospitals, health centers and clinics at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

This much awaited honor recognized the achievements of outstanding individuals, hospitals, and organizations in the healthcare industry.

Sankara Nethralaya Signs MOU for Retinoblastoma management during Retinoblastoma Awareness Week.

Sankara Nethralaya and Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (SRIHER) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Friday, 19th May 2023 for collaborative initiatives in the management of Retinoblastoma (childhood eye cancer).  The MoU signing ceremony coincided with the Retinoblastoma Awareness program held on May 15th, 2023 to observe World Retinoblastoma Week from 14th May – 20th May 2023.  

Dr. Girish S. Rao, President (MRF) and Dr Sudagar Singh, MD, SRIHER, signed this historic MoU, which will pave the way for the joint management of Retinoblastoma by a multidisciplinary team, including ocular brachetherapy, facilitation of multidisciplinary team meetings and the sharing of medical expertise, such as a medical physicist, etc.  With this collaboration, ocular oncologists from Sankara Nethralaya will be able to work routinely with radiologists, radiation oncologists and pediatric oncologists from SRIHER in a concentrated effort to save more human lives, preserve vision and globe salvage.

Present at the signing of the MoU were Dr. K. Balaji Singh, Dean, Dr Uma Shekar, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mahesh Vakamudi Pro Chancellor, Dr. K. V. Somasundaram, Academic Officer, Dr. Sudhagar Singh, Medical Director, Dr. Radha Annamalai HOD – Ophthalmology, Dr. Julius Scott, HOD – Pediatric Oncology, and Dr. Satish Srinivas, HOD – Radiation Oncology from SRIHER.

Dr. T. S. Surendran, Chairman & Director – Pediatric Ophthalmology, Dr. Pramod Bhende, Director, Shri Bhagwan Mahavir Department of Vitreo Retinal Services and Dr. Suganeswari Ganesan, Senior consultant, (Vitreoretina and Ocular Oncologist) represented Sankara Nethralaya’s Retinoblastoma team of doctors on this occasion.

Sankara Nethralaya Fights Retinoblastoma – A Rare & Curable Childhood Cancer

Retinoblastoma is the most common primary intraocular malignancy occurring in children.  World Retinoblastoma Week from 14th May – 20th May 2023 helps to raise awareness and garner support for patients affected by retinoblastoma.  Fifteen children are born every year with this disease in India.  This is curable if disease is identified early with a cure rate of 90 to 95%.

The Retinoblastoma team led by Dr. Suganeswari Ganesan, Senior Consultant, Vitreoretina and Oncology Services organised an awareness program revolving around the Retinoblastoma Warriors – survivors of the curable childhood cancer on May 15th, 2023 from 2:00 pm onwards. 

Art and recreational activities were organized by Golden Butterflies for the child patients visiting Sankara Nethralaya for treatment and follow- ups.  The children were delighted to participate and have fun in the midst of their ongoing treatments.

Mrs. Aparna Guhan Shyam, Founder & CEO, Tiara Haemophilia and Cancer Foundation, and Dr. K. Balaji Singh MS, FRCS, Dean, Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute were present to support the Retinoblastoma survivors along with the medical and non-medical teams.  Dr. Ravi Kumar, Dr Pritam Chatterjee, Interventional Radiologist from Apollo hospitals, Dr. J. Julius Scott, Paediatric oncologist, Dr. Radha Annamalai, Ophthalmologist, Dr. Satish Srinivasan, Dr. Christopher John, Radiation Therapist, Dr. Dharani,  Hematologist, Dr. Latha,  Paediatric oncologist, Dr. Gokulakrishnan, Radiologist, and many other from Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute have collaborated with Sankara Nethralaya to provide care and save the lives of these children. Sankara Nethralaya has identified and treated 250 children with retinoblastoma in 2022. 

Several Retinoblastoma warriors showed off their talents both onstage and in the virtual mode to much applause.

In India, around 1,500-2,000 children are diagnosed with retinoblastoma each year.  Retinoblastoma can be cured, especially if the disease is confined to the eyes.  If left untreated, it can spread to other parts of the body and becomes much harder to treat.  There are two types of Retinoblastoma 1) Sporadic (not passed down in families); and 2) Hereditary (can be passed down in families).

Treatment is mainly in the form of chemotherapy followed by laser.  At this stage, the eye and some vision can be saved.  Advanced stages of retinoblastoma can spread commonly to the brain and then to the other structures leading to loss of life.  “Treat early save life, save eye and save vision”.

Children belonging to families having Retinoblastoma patients should undergo genetic evaluation and should be followed up at frequent intervals for any development of tumours.  This type of childhood cancer is commonly seen in children less than 3 years of age.  Ideally, all the children should undergo yearly eye evaluation starting from birth.

The event drew to a close with the children and their parents being called on stage and presented with participation gifts to cheer them and recognize their courage in fighting this painful disease.

World Day on Health and Safety at Work

Guest Lecture by: Dr Sivaraman B, Senior Orthopedic Consultant, Apollo Hospitals

Date: 28th April, 2023, Friday

The International Labor Organization (ILO), initiated the World Day for Health and Safety At Work, in order to emphasize and promote the global prevention of accidents and disease at work, on 28th April every year. This year, the day is celebrated with the theme of “A safe and healthy working environment is a fundamental principle and right at work”. On this day, the Department of Occupational Optometry Services invited Dr Sivaraman, Senior Orthopedic Consultant, Apollo Hospitals, to deliver a lecture on “Musculo-Skeletal Disorders – What everyone should know for their healthy living?” Musculo-Skeletal Disorders are among the leading occupational morbidities, with the reported prevalence ranging from 6% to 75% in various occupational settings across the country. To understand the Musculo-Skeletal Disorders symptoms experienced by the employees of the Sankara Nethralaya, a quick survey was conducted across various departments and about 181 responses were received.

Dr Sivaraman B, Orthopedic Surgeon, started the session by mentioning the frequent symptoms reported by the health care workers, mostly the neck and back pain, due to improper posture adopted by the employees while at work. He also mentioned that despite following the proper ergonomics, the MSD symptoms can manifest due to muscle weakness. This needs to be prevented by practicing stretching/exercise and drinking adequate water – minimum 3 liters, unless you are diagnosed with any heart or kidney problems. The symptoms can also be due to vitamin D and B12 deficiency. He also discussed proper ergonomics while carrying a load and while working on the computer.

He discussed extensively about the reasons for neck /shoulder pain/back pain. These issues can be managed with posture correction, proper hydration and exercise. He concluded the session with preventive orthopedics, where he discussed on how to go about managing the wear and tear of muscles. Vitamin D and B12 deficiency can be one of the leading cause of the MSD’s, which needs to be monitored and adequate supplements should be taken. People who experience a tingling sensation in the legs/extremities may need vitamin B12 injection. He emphasized the need for correct posture adaptation, preventive exercises and adequate hydration. In case of persistent pain, he advised: “Do not ignore – get yourself consulted and treated”.

Dr. Sivaraman also shared his YouTube and web pages: Prime Ortho and Shoulder Care, https://www.youtube.com/@drbsiva/about, and http://preventiveorthopaedics.com/ for demonstration videos on exercise/stretches and preventive strategies for various orthopedic conditions.

The full session can be video can be watched in this YouTube link: https://youtu.be/11Ur3P80J-w

Sankara Nethralaya Mourns the Passing of Dr. Ian Sundararaj

Dr. Ian Sundararaj, Department Of Anaesthesiology, passed away on 21st April 2023.  He was born on 18th March 1934.  Dr. ISR as he was known joined SN in 1983 as the Chief Anaesthetist until 1992.  He later became Advisor, Anaesthesiology in 1993 until his retirement on September 2017 after 33 years of glorious service.

A condolence meeting was held to remember Dr. ISR on April 24th, 2023 at Sri V. D. Swami Auditorium, Sri T. S. Santhanam floor (7th floor) at KN BIRVO Block.  It was attended by his

He was an iconic figure at Sankara Nethralaya for over three decades and was an inspiration for his patients and colleagues.  His colleagues remember him as a man who personified dedication, sincerity and humility.  They recalled fondly that if any difficult case turned up, it was always, “ISRa kooppidingae” (Call ISR).  He was the 7th oldest employee to retire after 33 years of glorious service.

Dr. Girish Shiva Rao, President, Dr. T. S. Surendran, Chairman, and many of Dr ISR’s colleagues from the Department of Anaesthesiology came on stages to share their tributes to the dear departed soul.

Dr. T. S. Surendran spoke of Dr. Ian Sundrarajan’s many innovations and took a trip down memory lane and shared many fond anecdotes of Dr. Ian Sundaraj.  He also announded that the Surgeon’s Changing Room will be named in memory of Dr. Ian Sundararaj.

Dr. Nirmala Subramaniam, Emeritus Professor, Department of Oculoplasty, shared her vivid memories of her times in the OT with Dr. ISR.  Dr. Jyotirmay Biswas, Director of Uvea Services, too said a few words too.

Dr. V. V. Jaichandran, Deputy Director of Anesthesiology, recalled that many of his innovations for ophthalmic anesthesiology were still being used. He said that Dr. ISR gave his colleagues the confidence to perform many high risk pediatric cases He presented a slide show of Dr. ISR’s innovations for the comfort and safety of the patients, his achievements.

Dr. Sujatha V, Anaesthetist, recalled that ISR Sir always gave confidence to his colleagues and said, “Everything will be alright” even for the most difficult cases.

The family members of Dr. Ian Sundararaj, Dr. Anita Chopra and Dr. Sunil Chopra – his daughter and son-in-law; Mr. Arjun Chopra – his grandson; Mr. Anand Charles and Mr. Arul Deepak – his sons also joined the SN family in paying homage to their father’s life.

The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Ronnie George, with a touching eulogy about his memories of Dr. ISR.

Pediatric Floor Dedicated in the Memory of Shri N Sankar, Chairman, The Sanmar Group

The 5th floor (MAHYCO block) on which the Department of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus is located was dedicated to the memory of one of our greatest supporters, Late Shri N Sankar, Chairman, The Sanmar Group, on Monday, 17th April 2023. The illustrious Shri N. Sankar, Chairman of The Sanmar Group, had visited Sankara Nethralaya several times and had made meaningful contributions including the SN – Sanmar Centre of Excellence for Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SeNSCE SJS), and the Refractive Surgery / Laser Vision Correction Centre at Jagadguru Kanchi Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Nethra Nilayam (JKCN Complex). He had always shown a keen interest in Sankara Nethralaya’s community and outreach services, and generously supported the varied projects implemented by our institution.

Among the distinguished guests who gathered to commemorate the occasion were Shri N. Ram, Director, THG Publishing Private Limited, who unveiled the name board. Shri Vijay Sankar, Deputy Chairman, The Sanmar Group, son of Shri Sankar, Smt. Madhurika, a venture investor and writer (daughter), Smt. Chandra Sankar, wife of Shri N. Sankar, and Shri Kumar, his brother were present at the unveiling. Vijay Sankar recollected his family’s long relationship with Sankara Nethralaya’s noble service to humanity. He lauded the institution for continually striving to light up the lives of deserving patients.

In 2021, Shri Vijay Sankar had inaugurated SeNSCE SJS, in the Sanmar family tradition of reaching out to those in need.

Shri N Sankar’s philanthropy was instilled in him by his father, Sri K. S Narayanan, who had dedicated the Mrs. Madhuram Narayanan Surgical Complex at JKCN to the nation on 12th December 2001.

Mrs. Madhuram Narayanan Charitable Trust and Foundation were also strong supporters of Medical Research Foundation.  The then trustees of these charitable entities – Sri K.S. Narayanan, his Sri N Sankar and Sri N Kumar, had always been magnanimous in providing aid for sustained comprehensive healthcare.

Sankara Nethralaya’s paediatric department is a highly specialized, niche and advanced eye care facility offering expert diagnosis and treatment for the entire gamut of ophthalmic problems in children belonging to the age groups from ‘just born’ to ‘teens’ as well as for adults with strabismus.

Sankara Nethralaya Hospital Safety Committee celebrates Hospital and Patient Safety Awareness Week

The Hospital Safety Committee was formed in 2021 with the aim to prevent and reduce risks, errors and harm that occur during provision of care. The basis of Hospital Safety is to continually improve ourselves based on the learnings from near-miss errors and no-harm events. One of the ways to create awareness and engage employees in the process of increasing patient and employee safety within the institution is to celebrate Hospital Safety Awareness Week (15th to 18th March) with four days packed with informative programmes.

15th March: The theme – Nutrition and Exercise for Fitness

A painting contest to educate everyone on the theme “Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy” and A session on ‘Tips for zero oil cooking’ conducted by Dr. N. Anuradha, Principal, Elite School of Optometry, and Dr. Sumita Agarkar, Deputy Director, Dept. of paediatric Ophthalmology, was very well-received by the health conscious SN family. A yoga session to teach a few breathing exercises invigorated everyone at the end of a busy day.

16th March: The second day’s theme was “Health is Wealth”

Starting off with a health clinic for employees in the morning, the much-awaited event – the pattimandram on “Parambariyam vs Naveena Unnavu” was a spicy topic. Team Parambariyam comprised of Dr. Mani Baskaran, Deputy Director –Glaucoma Services, Dr. Niveditha Narayanan, Senior Consultant – C U Shah Cornea Services, Ms. Saranya .S, Microbiology lab, Mr. Jayachandran. D, Department of Patient Services and Team Naveena Unnavu comprised of Dr. Kavitha Kalaivani, Senior Consultant, Paediatric Ophthalmology Services, with Dr. N. Anuradha, Principal, Elite School of Optometry, Ms. Sudha Mohan, Manager – HR, Ms. Janani, Optometrist, respectively. The event was judged by Dr. T. S. Surendran. The teams were evenly matched and the official winner was declared as Team Parambariyam.

Dr. Nisar Sonam Poonam, Associate Consultant, Department of Orbit, Oculoplasty, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Services, provided very helpful “Wabi – Sabi” beauty-related tips to beat the summer heat. Aarogya Chennai/ Suswastha Kolkata mobile photography competition was conducted simultaneously.

17th March: The third day’s theme was “Safety First is Safety Always”

A Treasure Hunt using Safety Clues started from MAHYCO Block -1st Floor, led to the fourth floor, then ended on the first floor of V. G. Block. In this interesting game, ninety nine employees participated to search for the safety equipment, which are kept at various floors and used during medical emergencies.

The annual “Horror Show – Spot the Mistakes” was an educational opportunity for ninety one employees to brush up on their knowledge of finding out errors not only in the hospital but also in general safety management (wearing helmet, no drunk driving, avoiding going over the speed limit, etc.).

The session on “Tips on Investment” by Dr. Kumaresh. B. S., helped our employees in sound financial planning for their later years.

The valedictory function was hosted by Dr. V. V. Jaichandran with Dr. Girish S. Rao, President, officiating along with Dr. Ronnie George, President & Director of Research, Director of Glaucoma Services, and Dr. Pramod Bhende, Director, Vitreoretinal Services. Dr. V. V. Jaichandran presented the annual report for the year – March 2022 to Feb 2023.

The Rolling Trophy for the Best Safety – Department was shared by Dept of Nursing and Dept. of Medical Records.

The Rolling Trophy for Best Safety – Branch was won by SN Main.

Mr. Senthil Kumar. M – Department of Finance – IP Billing was awarded as the Best Star performers (Male) of the year 2022 – 2023; while Ms. V. Kowsalya – Department of Nursing – Staff Nurse, was awarded as the Best star performers (Female) of the year 2022- 2023.

The best 7 catches of near miss (Mar’ 2022 – Feb’ 2023) were identified and the severity of the incidents were briefed by Dr. VVJ. All the 7 staff were recognized with prizes.

Dr. Girish S. Rao, Dr. Pramod Bhende, and Dr. Ronnie George gave away the prizes to the Star Safety campaigners and the winners of the competitions.


It was a day of celebrations at TSNA on 18th March 2023, when eight students of TSNA were certified as Fellows of British Dispensing Opticians by Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO), UK.

The FBDO Diploma started as a collaborative program in association with ABDO, UK, in the year 2011. 181 students have so far enrolled and benefitted from the Program.TSNA conducts two formats of the Program – one a 3 year Blended Learning Program and the other, a one year top up course for fully qualified Optometrists.

On 18th of March 2023, 8 candidates received FBDO Diplomas in all, out of which 6 candidates had completed the 3 year Diploma and 2 the One year program.

1.Prerna Mhaske
2.Siddharth Karthikeyan (In absentia)
3.Vimal (In absentia)
4.Dinakaran Vishnupriyan
5.Bharathi priya
6.Ravi Prakash
7.Rakesh Vedachalam

World Optometry Day Celebrations at TSNA

The Sankara Nethralaya Academy celebrated World Optometry Day 2023 by organizing multiple events, over a period of two weeks.

In the first part celebrated on 18th March 2023, Saturday, the focus was on knowledge dissemination, fun activities by students and felicitating achievers.

Mr. Ramachandran Parthasarathy, Business Advisor to Retail Eye Wear industry and Consultant – Hoya, delivered a talk on opportunities for Optometrists post education.  He explained that there is a need for good quality eye care practice in Tier 3 & Tier 4 cities and how the Graduates and Post-graduates could fill in the gap by opening lucrative practices equipped with the skill set and knowledge they possess.

Mr. Sankarraman, from Hoya India Private Limited, spoke on the role of ophthalmic lenses in myopia management.  The M. Optom students presented a skit on various roles and responsibilities performed by an Optometrist.  Following this, the students who had meticulously prepared posters for the Low Vision awareness month in February were felicitated by the Chief Guest Mr. Ramachandran.

The Program concluded with high-tea and student interaction with the chief guest.

In the second part of the World Optometry Day 2023 celebrations, TSNA partnered with the Indian Optometric Association (IOA), an apex body involved in the promotion of Optometry as a Profession, to organize an awareness rally in Edward Elliots Beach in Besant Nagar, Chennai.

About 150 students participated in the rally, which was flagged off by Brigadier Rajaram and graced by his wife Mrs Geethanjali Rajaram. The students held placards depicting the various roles and responsibilities performed by Optometrist which includes prescribing Low Vision devices, working as a Pediatric and Geriatric Optometrist, Occupational Optometrist, Orthoptics practitioner, etc.

Brigadier Rajaram, gave a brief speech about how Optometrists play an indispensable role in eye care.

The event concluded with a sumptuous breakfast sponsored by The Indian Optometric Association. TSNA thanks Mr. Mahendran, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Adyar and the Asst. Commissioner of Police, Adyar, for their support in conducting this program.

We wish to express our sincere thanks to the Management of TSNA / SN and the office bearers of IOA, including Mr. Subodh Dixit, President, Mr. Rajeev Prasad, Secretary-General, and Mr.Chandrasekar, Sothern India Representative.