Sankara Nethralaya and Lions Club of Central Madras welcome Ms. Danielle Hormillosa, Global Grants Specialist of Lion’s Club International

Ms.Danielle Hormillosa, MPH, Global Grants Specialist, Global Grants Department, Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF), visited Sankara Nethralaya on Monday, 6th June 2022.

For over two decades, Lions Club of Central Madras, Sankara Nethralaya and Lions Club International Foundation have collaborated through the Sight First grants in the fight against avoidable blindness.  Through these grants, Sankara Nethralaya has offered free cataract surgeries, diabetic retinopathy (DR), and even trained ophthalmologists from Lions’ Eye Hospital.

Ms. Danielle Hormillosa was welcomed by Lion. N. S. Sankar, Past International Director, Lion.  S. V. Manickam, Dist. Governor 324M, Lion.  Mohammed Naveen, First Vice Dist. Governor, Lion.  M. Sridhar, Second Vice Dist. Governor,  Lion.G.V.Raman Past District Governor  and large number of Members of Lions Club of Central Madras, Dist 324M.

Dr. Girish Shiva Rao, Chairman, Dr. T. S. Surendran, Vice- Chairman and Director of Paediatric Ophthalmology, Dr. Rajesh P. S, Senior Consultant, in charge C. U. Shah Sankara Nethralaya & MESU, and Dr. Rajiv Raman, Senior Consultant Shri BhagwanMahavirVitreoretinal Services were also present to introduce Sankara Nethralaya and our community activities.

Mr. Suresh Kumar P., General Manager, Operations, gave the welcome address followed by a brief introduction by Past District Governor, Lion. G. V. Raman about the partnership between Lions Club of Central Madras and Sankara Nethralaya since 1998.

Dr. T. S. Surendran, Vice Chairman and Director of Paediatric Ophthalmology, spoke about Sankara Nethralaya’s journey over four decades and our various community initiatives, including Mobile Eye Surgical Unit (MESU).

Dr. Rajesh P. S., Senior Consultant, In charge- CUSSN & MESU, elaborated on the very first Sight First grant, which enabled SN to perform 10,000 nos. cost free cataract surgeries per annum utilizing the upgraded facilities and equipment.

Dr.Rajiv Raman, Senior Consultant, Dept. of Vitreo Retinal Services presented a detailed report of the LCIF -SN Dream project funded by LCIF and spoke about the usefulness and impact of the project on creating Awareness on Diabetic Retinopathy and its treatment.  He also gave a brief outline of the research project on the compliance of the Diabetic Retinopathy patients for subsequent follow-up and treatment.

Thereafter, Dr. Rajiv Raman invited questions from Ms. Hormillosa and the assembled Lions members.  The Grants Specialist asked insightful questions regarding the DR project and requested that any research papers be sent to the HQ after publication.

Dr. G. Suganeswari, Senior Consultant, Vitreoretinal and Oncology Services presented the Project onDiabetic Retinopathy Skill Transfer Training Program, funded by LCIF.

Twenty four ophthalmologists from Lions Eye Hospitals from various parts of India entered the two-month training program.

The project was different as it focussed on practising Ophthalmologists rather than young and freshly minted Ophthalmologists.  Many found it difficult to spare their time, as the program required them to be at SN for two months.

Lion S.N.Harinarayanan,Project Coordinator was instrumental in recruiting the participants for the program.

The event closed with Lion. K. Rangarajan, Past President, Lions Club of Central Madras proposing a formal vote of thanks.

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