SN congratulates Dr. Deepmala Mazumdar for successful completion of her doctoral degree

The entire family of SN congratulates Dr. Deepmala Mazumdar for successfully completing her doctoral degree by carrying out scientific research with Medical Research Foundation, Chennai, India in collaboration with Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Her Ph.D. research is titled the ‘Visual Field responsiveness in glaucoma: An eye-tracking approach’ and was carried out under the guidance of Dr. Ronnie George (Director, Glaucoma Services), Prof Hans van der Steen, and Dr. Johan Pel (Dept. of Neuroscience, Erasmus MC). Her thesis proposed Eye Movement Perimetry as a potential tool for identifying visual field defects based on reflexive eye movement responses and recommended this technique as an additional/alternative technique of perimetry especially in those patients who face difficulties in reliably performing the conventional method.

The doctoral ceremony was a hybrid one (a combination of real and virtual events) due to COVID-related regulations and restrictions. The ceremony included a rector (moderator), three of her Ph.D. promoters, six honorable opponents from various subspecialties under the wing of vision science, and one paranymph (ceremonial assistant).

The public audience had a full video of the event series via youtube streaming. After the defense presentation and viva, the candidate was officially declared as a ‘Doctor’ and was awarded a university certificate and the prestigious Erasmus MC badge. The ceremony came to a conclusion with the commendation speech by Dr. Johan Pel.

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