Head of iconic Tamil weekly strikes a positive note at the 71st R- Day celebrations at Sankara Nethralaya

The 71st Republic Day Celebrations at Sankara Nethralaya began with a reverential recollection to the Founding fathers of the nation who in their wisdom and foresight chose to adopt the sovereign, socialist, republic model as the newly independent nation’s model of governance and a special mention of Dr BR Ambedkar who drafted the Indian constitution as one of the most voluminous governance treatise consisting of 440 articles, which adapted the best from the constitutions of several nations.

Extending a warm welcome to the distinguished Chief Guest Shri Varadarajan Parthasarathy, Chairman & Managing Director, Kumudham Publications, Dr TS Surendran, Vice-Chairman and Shri AP Irungovel , Manager – Patient Education & Counseling recalled the glorious history of the magazine, the accuracy and impartiality of its reports, its immense popularity on account of its illuminate and educate approach and its employee friendly management.

Delivering the Chief Guest’s address Shri Varadarajan Parthasarathy  described Sankara Nethralaya as a mini India, he observed that he chose to speak in English on the occasion after some contemplation whether he should be speaking in Tamil or English as the institition and its founder were known all over India, he recalled an incident when a lady from Malmo whom he met when he was on a business visit to Sweden, inquiring about Dr SS.Badrinath and his institution, he reiterated that hence it would be more apt to speak in English at an institution which is in the eye of the world.

Conveying his hearty R Day greetings to the gathering, the distinguished chief guest implored that it was every citizen’s duty to recall the freedom fighters and founding fathers for choosing the sovereign,socialist republic model of governance for the newly Independent nation,which ensured liberty,fraternity and equality to all its citizens. He strongly underlined the remarkable advancements and achievements made by the Indian Republic in a wide sphere of human endeavor like poverty alleviation, reduction of unemployment,literacy,telecom, health care, abundant availability of essentials etc which he said is the right tribute to the founding fathers of the Republic of India. The distinguished chief guest ended his powerful talk with his strong observation that upliftment of the poor and weaker sections of society like women and children would be the benchmark of growth of future India.

The momentous day witnessed rendering of patriotic songs by the members of the Sankara Nethralaya family and acknowledgment of employees for long service, regular attendance and merit awards for the children of employees.

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