Young Indian American sibling’s enthralling vocal concert takes compassion to “Lofty Heights”

Lofty Heights

The Srinivasans namely Shri Kumar Srinivasan a senior pharma professional and Srimathi Bhuvana Srinivasan a software programmer, settled for long in the Philadelphia area are great connoisseurs of Carnatic music, another common passion that the couple share is their empathy to Sankara Nethralaya’s cause and philosophy, hailing from Chennai they are well aware of Sankara Nethralaya’s contribution to the cause of eradicating blindness and hold Dr SS.Badrinath in high esteem. The noble couple are regular audience at the various Carnatic programs organized by the Sankara Nethralaya Ophthalmic Mission Trust in the USA and donate liberally at these programs. Their common passion and empathy seemed to have had a positive impact on their daughter Sriranjani and son Nachikethan and like true chips of the old block the youngsters decided that their Vocal Arangetram to be held in India would be dedicated to Sankara Nethralaya’s noble cause of eradicating blindness and providing the light of life to the visually impaired.

The vocal Arangetram of Sriranjani and Nachikethan, sishyas of Smt. Kiranavali Vidyasankar the renowned vocalist and initiator of “Lofty heights’ an initiative to foster awareness, interest and a lifelong involvement in Indian performing arts and culture particularly in the Philadelphia area was held under the auspices of Vidwan Srimushanam Sri Raja Rao and Cleveland Sri V.V. Sundaram at the Music Academy Mini hall, Chennai. Handbills on the programme exhibited prominently in the venue making an earnest appeal to the audience to donate towards the cause of providing cost free eye care to indigent patients by Sankara Nethralaya had a spontaneous effect and raised a handsome amount as donation.

Highly touched by the thoughtful gesture of a young girl barely in her teens and her bubbly younger brother, Dr. SS.Badrinath met the Srinivasans with their children at the Sankara Nethralaya main campus where a beaming and jubilant Sriranjani handed over the proceeds collected at the Arangetram directly to him. He spent quality time with the young ambassadors of his cherished cause, enquiring about their studies, their special interest and goals for the future, he expressed his high appreciation to the young performers and presented them with a copy of “Insight” the biography of the institution they had raised funds for. Speaking to the corporate communication department after the meeting, young Sriranjani expressed that instances of glaucoma in the family and the pioneering role of Sankara Nethralaya in this field about which she learnt from her father prompted her to do something towards its cost free community Eye care services.

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