The Sankara Nethralaya Academy conducts a niche and high power, two day seminar on ‘Accreditation for Hospitals’ by senior quality and healthcare gurus

Accreditation for Hospitals

Dr Tarun Sharma – Medical Director of Sankara Nethralaya is honouring Total Quality Management Guru Dr T V Subramanian on the occasion of the Accreditation for Hospitals seminar on 15.11.2013

As an educational institution in the fore front of imparting knowledge and learning through teaching and training initiatives, topical seminars and sharing of best practices and the rich experience of more than 4 decades of health care delivery, the Sankara Nethralaya Academy conducted  a high power seminar on ‘Accreditation for Hospitals’ a high priority area for health care providers.

The seminar was meant to educate and create awareness on the critical need for quality accreditation for health care institutions in an increasingly competitive healthcare marketplace and a highly demanding patient base, among health care managers, healthcare entrepreneurs currently operating their own health care institutions and individuals and corporate bodies planning to enter into this fast growing and high potential field.

The accreditation seminar covered the entire gamut of quality and work flow processes and practices both clinical and non-clinical, from minute details like employee educational credentials to installation of advanced equipment imperative for accreditation by prestigious certifying bodies both national and international.

Accreditation is a clear indication of the quality and capability and a stamp of high standard of hospitals in India; it is an indication of world class treatment to patients and would gradually boost Medical Tourism in India. It would bring in both the self-paying patients who choose hospitals on their own and the second category of patients who select hospitals through their agency or a third party, accreditation brings in the much needed credibility as it symbolizes quality, it helps in branding of the hospital, enhances hospital value and reliability making India truly a great Medical Tourism destination. A steady inflow of overseas patients translates to higher revenues for the health care institution and precious foreign exchange to the nation.

Delegates (Hospital Administrators, Doctors, Nurses, Quality Managers from various Private, Mission and Public sector hospitals from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala participated and gained and shared the knowledge in the field of Accreditation Process.

At the end of the seminar the delegates shared their learning experiences and feedback of this unique 2 days seminar. Participation certificates were distributed.

Vote of Thanks by the Seminar Organizing secretary and Assistant Registrar of Sankara Nethralaya Academy Shri A. Mahalingam, who utilized the opportunity to announce other important health care management courses / seminar conducted by the Sankara Nethralaya Academy, like Certificate Course in Hospital Management, seminar on Health Insurance and claim management,etc.

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