Shri Muthiah Ramanathan, Director, Mind Dynamics Center, conducted a powerful session on ‘Communication Skills’ for the SN Academy’s ‘Certificate Course in Hospital Management”

Sometimes our Communication KILLS because we were not taught  Communication SKILLS !

Communication is one distinct quality that distinguishes human beings from all the rest.

Communication is the life-blood of all relationships – personal, inter-personal and professional. Ineffective communication can contribute to the equivalent of Cardio-vascular problems.

All the successful leaders, all over the world, irrespective of their field of activity, were excellent in communication skills.

Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Marin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Mujibur Rahman, Benazir Bhutto were all too powerful Communicators.

Given a million people and an hour to talk to them, these Leaders can change the mind-set of every single one of them.

But, please note: They were all shot dead – because no one in the world could control them.

Negative Inference:
If you are good at Communication, you will get killed.

Positive inference:
Communication is one of THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS !

Conclusion : One need not be too very good, but one definitely needs to be real good in Communication to come up in life, to get and stay connected to others and also to contribute to the society at large !

Communication can be broadly classified into two main areas – Verbal language and non-verbal  language ( or body language ).

Body Language is a new Language – an International Language !

‘More human communications take place by means of Postures, Gestures, Eyes and distances, than through any other means of communication’, says Dr. Birdwhistell

It is only through our senses that we get to connect to the world and hence paying more attention to and being sharp in making use of our senses – consciously and sub-consciously – all of us can stand to benefit a lot.

Communicate well,  Celebrate well !

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