Sankara Nethralaya celebrates 35 years of glorious service with a sincere salute to its friends and supporters

Sankara Ratna award

Sankara Nethralaya observed its 35th Foundation Day, Sankara Ratna award ceremony and the newly instituted Bharath Ratna Srimathi M.S Subbulakshmi award ceremony at the Sri VD Swami Auditorium, Sankara Nethralaya Main campus on September 6th, 2013. Extending a warm welcome to the Chief guest, His Excellency Shri K.Rosaiah, the Honourable Governor of Tamil Nadu, Senior Management members, employees of Sankara Nethralaya, winners of the awards, well wishers, supporters and members of the Press, Dr. Sripriya Krishnamurthy, In-Charge, Jaslok Community Ophthalmic Center (JCOC) highlighted that the ‘Temple of the Eye’ as Sankara Nethralaya was popularly referred to is the vision and will of one man Dr SS.Badrinath and the day marked 35 years of ethics, integrity and hard work which had made the institution what it is today. She observed that it was most appropriate that Shri K.Rosaiah a man who was known for his strict fiscal discipline and pioneering health schemes was presiding over the foundation day of an institution which was strongly committed to these values. She closed her welcome address with the observation that with greater recognition and growth comes greater responsibility, which every member of the Sankara Nethralaya family should be ready to shoulder.  This was followed by an interesting introduction of Shri M.S.Jayaraman and Dr T.V. Subramanian the Sankara Ratna awardees by Dr Ronnie George, Director Research, Vision Research Foundation, he lauded them as the quality gurus responsible for taking Sankara Nethralaya’s quality initiatives in patient care, education and research to a new level and playing a critical role in Sankara Nethralaya being awarded the NABH (National Accreditation body for Hospitals and Health care providers) accreditation, the highest recognition for hospitals and health care providers, Dr Ronnie George declared with pride and gratitude that the herculean effort by the duo came Pro bono to Sankara Nethralaya, to the thunderous applause of the audience. Giving a warm and touching account on the contributions and sacrifice made for Sankara Nethralaya’s cause by Bharath Ratna Srimathi M.S.Subbulakshmi Award winners, Srimathi Kausalya Appukutty and Shri Manohar Devadas, Dr S.Meenakshi, Senior Consultant and Director, Academics, Sankara Nethralaya, observed that these individuals reflected the true spirit of Sankara Nethralaya and stood tall and noble offering themselves for a worthy cause in the midst of their own trials and tribulations, she added that institutions like Sankara Nethralaya made one feel proud to be an Indian.

Sankara Ratna award

A man who would never miss an opportunity to thank and honour the supporters without whom the institution could not have sustained and grown, Dr SS.Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus, Sankara Nethralaya expressed his deep gratitude to Shri R.S.Mehta and Shri Rajaratnam two strong and longtime supporters of Sankara Nethralaya for their huge contribution made recently to Sankara Nethralaya’s upcoming projects at Chennai and Kolkata. Acknowledging the honour of being awarded the ‘Sankara Ratna’ award on behalf of Shri M.S. Jayaraman and himself, Dr TV. Subramanian expressed that it was with a sense of utmost humility and gratitude that they were accepting these awards; he observed that they were most happy that their experience and expertise could be of purpose to a most noble and service oriented institution. The quality guru made a passionate appeal to the audience to think big, think positive and think creatively. He likened the 35 years of Sankara Nethralaya’s operation to a spiritual journey started by Dr SS.Badrinath, adding that while people may change and processes may undergo changes the crusade against blindness started by him would continue.

Extending a special welcome to the Honourable Chief Guest, Dr L.Vijaya, Director, Department of Glaucoma Services, Sankara Nethralaya observed that he would be always remembered for his adherence to fiscal discipline, strong resource mobilization and utilization capabilities and as the longest serving Finance Minister of Andhra Pradesh, she fondly recalled that Shri Rosaiah had inaugurated the Sri Sinivasa Sankara Nethralaya when he was serving as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.  Delivering the Chief Guest’s address His Excellency Shri K.Rosaiah lauded that Sankara Nethralaya the ‘Temple of the Eye’ has given sight to many, he had a high word of praise to the high commitment levels of Dr SS.Badrinath and his team and Sankara Nethralaya’s role in community eye care and the technical advancements made by the institute in delivering quality eye care and taking it across to remote regions of the country.

The momentous function ended with a warm Vote of Thanks by Dr Geetha Iyer Krishnan, Consultant, Department of Cornea, Sankara Nethralaya.

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