The Sankara Nethralaya Academy Conducted a Session on Customer Service

Customer Service

The concluding session of the fourth batch of Certificate Course in Hospital Management was on customer service and its need today.

The session was a very lively and interactive session and most of the participants contributed to the content of the session with their comments and personal experiences in their sphere of work.

The concept of customer service profit chain and the benefits that would accrue to the organization when excellent customer care is rendered on were highlighted. Referrals, Positive word of mouth, standing apart from the competition and increase in revenues were discussed.

Videos were shown on handling different types of customers such as an
• Angry customer
• Impatient customer
• Passive customer

Further a couple of short videos on bad customer service was screened and the participants were asked to comment on the deficiencies that they observed on the delivery of service. The golden rules of customer service were discussed. It was felt by all the participants that given the intensity of the competition prevailing in the health care sector, in addition to quality of care, the service levels are very important to drive patient footfalls and if there are inadequacies in this area it will clearly reflect on the growth of hospital.

All the participants were very happy with the quality of the workshop. The facilitator of the workshop that day asked the participants about their impressions on the workshop as they were his customers. All the participants gave an excellent feedback on the session and opined that they were delighted customers at the end of the session

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