Ms Nalini Ravindran, expert in behavioural and attitudinal training gave a lecture on ‘Leadership” at the Sankara Nethralaya Academy

Attitudinal Training

Attitudinal Training

The session started with a brief introduction on the topic, which was followed by a team building activity for all the participants.

The activity brought out through de briefing, the four stages in any team’s performance. It was reiterated how the leader should ‘steer’ the team through the stages in order to make it ‘perform’, by understanding the challenges that the team is likely to face in each stage.

This was followed by the understanding of the individual team members’ attitude through the ‘can and will’ matrix.

The lecture then focused on the ‘transactions’ that lead to ‘conflicts’ within the team. The three ego states, how to identify them through the verbal and non verbal signs were elaborated.

The need for the leader to know the value of each ego state, so that the suitable state can be employed by him/her in handling the team members was highlighted. Number of real time situations and examples were discussed to make the participants understand the differences between the ego states.

The four life positions that depend primarily on the attitude one chooses to have towards the environment was introduced to the participants, followed by a discussion on respective ego states that lead to the corresponding life positions. This exercise was intended to empower the participants to recognise the attitude in their team members.

The last leg of the lecture focused on the effects of ‘stokes’, understanding how positive and negative strokes have consequences that can be controlled by the leader through deliberate efforts on their own behaviour and attitude practices.

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