People with low vision can be Independent!

People with low vision can be Independent!

The Lion’s Club of Central Madras have exhibited their concern for the visually impaired not only through their generous donations but also with some very thoughtful devices and gestures, readers would recall the gifting of the CCTV a wonderful assistive apparatus to the Low Vision Care Clinic, Sankara Nethralaya by Ms Viji Dileep a member of the club in the month of August in year 2011.Once again the members of Sankara Nethralaya family and the Lion’s Club of Central Madras assembled at the board room of Kamal Nayan Bajaj Research Centre on the auspicious evening of 9th March 2012 for a noble reason. The meeting was arranged for gifting three latest beneficial assistive devices to the Low Vision Care Clinic, Sankara Nethralaya, jointly by the Lion’s club of Central Madras and Ms. Viji Dilip daughter of Shri VD Gopal, who is a donor of Sankara Nethralaya for many years.

Lion. Andal Rajaram gave the welcome address. Lion. Hari Narayanan explained the need for Low vision care. Ms. Sarika Gopalakrishnan, Optometrist incharge of Low Vision Care Clinic gave a brief note about the functionalities and benefit of each assistive device to a person with visual impairment. The details of the devices are as follows:

1. Computer Screen magnifier for 19 Inch Screen
2. RNIB PenFriend Voice Labeling System
3. Pocket Size Talking Calculator

Dr. L. Srinivasa Varadharajan demonstrated the use of BPL Studylite and how it would help patients with low vision to discharge their work better. These lamps will be designed to work with the help of a solar panel which will be more beneficial to all the students when there is shortage of electricity. Chairman Emeritus Dr S.S. Badrinath thanked the members of Lion’s Club of Central Madras and Ms. Viji Dilip for their noble gesture, which would greatly improve the quality of life of people with visual impairment.

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