Guest Lecture by Dr.Mukesh Doble

Dr. Mukesh Doble, Prof. Bioengineering & Drug Design, IIT-Chennai, gave a talk on “Design of small molecules as an anti-infective and anti-inflammatory agent and synergism between natural compounds and antibiotics as antibacterial” at Sankara Nethralaya on June1.

Dr. Doble explained how he used bioinformatics and chemistry to design chalcone based drugs with antibacterial activity. Some of these drugs also targeted mycobacteria and had good anti-oxidant properties. He also explained how a herbal compound (eugenol) was able to synergize with certain antibiotics. Dr. Doble further spoke of the existing COX-2 inhibitors, which were popular for treating inflammation. However, these COX-2 inhibitors, he said, have some adverse side effects. To counter the side effects, Dr. Doble explained how he designed similar drugs (pyrozaline based drugs) which would still control the inflammation. His data showed how one of these pyrozaline drugs was effective in a rat model of paw inflammation.

Faculty and students from all departments of the Vision Research Foundation participated in the event, which was very informative. The talk was followed by an interactive session with the audience where Dr. Doble replied to all queries.

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