DR Walter Semkiw Reincarnation Lecture

The former President, APJ Abdul Kalam, if one were to believe Dr. Walter Semkiw, was Tipu Sultan in his past lifetime. And his guru Vikram Sarabhai was Haidar Ali in his previous birth!

“Objective evidence of reincarnation,” a guest lecture by Dr. Walter Semkiw, discussed the salient features of reincarnation and the increasing role of objective evidence in this field.

Dr. Semkiw presented a series of cases through which he explained basic principles of reincarnation, which includes individual sharing same facial features, personality traits and linguistic style. According to Dr. Semkiw, people can reincarnate in soul groups, replicate talents from one lifetime to another and have a split reincarnation, in which the soul can inhabit more than one body at a time.

Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Semkiw says, has been reincarnated and goes by the name of Van Jones, an American civil rights and environmentalist activist. Drawing similarities between the two, Dr. Semkiw said, apart from their physical features, Mr. Jones, like Mr. Gandhi, was imprisoned for standing up for civil rights.

His lecture was followed by a brief interactive session with the audience in which he answered their queries.

Actor Y. G. Mahendran, who was present, made a request, which had the universal consent of the audience — to find out who our politicians were in their past lifetime!

Earlier on, Vilja Whitcombe introduced Dr. Semkiw as one of the leading experts in reincarnation and the author of a number of books, including Born Again. Reincarnation,

Ms. Whitcombe said, helps understand the trajectory of the soul.

Ms. Sanjana sang the invocation song and Chairman Dr. Lingam Gopal honoured Dr. Semkiw.

For all those of you who couldn’t be there, here are a few reincarnations that you missed:
Barbro Karlen was Anne Frank in her previous lifetime
Michael Jackson was Charles Dassoucy, “Emperor of Entertainers”
Shahrukh Khan was Sadhona Bose, a dancer and actor
Indira Gandhi was Edwin Stanton, the Secretary of War under Abraham Lincoln, during the American Civil War, in her previous lifetime
Amitabh Bachchan was Edwin Booth, the brother of John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated US President Abraham Lincoln. And it doesn’t end there. Edwin Booth’s first wife Mary Devlin Booth has reincarnated as Rekha and his second wife Mary Mc Vickers has reincarnated as Jaya Bachchan!

And last but not the least, Dr. Walter Semkiw was John Adams, the second President of the U.S.

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