Headache Clinic on 11-07-2008

One stop clinic for Headache

In its continued search for excellence, Sankara Nethralaya has put together an exclusive headache clinic at the main campus. Everyone of us has experienced headache at one time or other. Headache is probably the most common health complaint of the human race, which affects the quality of daily life. There are very few centers of excellence dedicated purely to headache sufferers. Even in the developed countries like USA and UK there are only a handful of repute headache clinics providing in-patient care for management of primary headache.

The question arises as to how the headache patients are managed at the present time.

Most of the patients seek care for general practitioners, ophthalmologists, allergists, ENT specialists and alternative medicine specialists. After all, the secondary causes of headaches are ruled out by clinical exam, C.T scan etc. They may be referred to a neurologist or choose to see a neurologist themselves. By the time they get to this stage, they have already suffered headache for years.

The SN Headache clinic is available for patients from 11-07-2008 and it will look after the serious conditions causing headache by surgery or other appropriate means.

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