World Tamil Research Foundation

The Divinity and compassion of Maha Periyava are remembered on his 23rd Aradhana

The institution that owes its existence to his blessings and Will paid homage to the Maha Periyava on the occasion of his 23rd Aradhana, on 26th December 2016, at its main premises. The evening started on a mellifluous note with the rendering of ‘Pallandu Divya Prabhandam’ by Ms Sahana Narayan, daughter of Dr Nividetha Narayan.

Chief Guest of the Day Dr Kala Tawker, Retd  professor and HOD Tamil Dept and scholar from the World Tamil Research Foundation regaled the audience with golden moments of the living god, she observed that his detachment was so total that he even considered food as an earthly temptation, often refraining from it, The learned professor recalled how the Jagadguru cured a paralytic and dementia patient with his divine grace and concluded her talks with an example of the  astounding memory of the guru who enquired about her father referring to him by his surname ‘Bhatta’.

The highly charged event left a deep impact on the audience and filled them with memories of the God who lived during our times amongst our midst.