Vision Enhancement Clinic

Activities for children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities

visual impairment and multiple disabilities

Like flowers, every child is special and unique. They bring a magical bliss and happiness like how a variety of flowers make a heavenly garden. This has been well proven through the group activities program for the children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities (VIMD) at the “Vision Enhancement Clinic (VEC)” located at the Shenoy Nagar campus of SankaraNethralaya, Chennai. The clinic which works for the empowerment of patients with visual impairment strives to provide all possible services beyond the regular rehabilitation routines, as the patients received here are not seen as individuals with impairment but as a part of their families who struggle to shoulder the loss.

And particularly for the children with VIMD, the clinic offers a wide range of individualized therapy programs such as visual developmental therapy, sensory integration therapy, special education, behavior modification and fine motor stimulation therapy to enhance their functional level as much as possible. But the VEC team wanted to push the line beyond that therefore initiated the group activities sessions for the children with VIMD to experience socialization, group learning, creative art, sharing, taking turns, listening to instructions, winning and losing, music and movements, a bunch of socio-emotional elements to which they are not exposed because of their developmental disorders. On the other end, the parents of such children have been provided with a supportive platform to learn, share their experiences, and strengthen themselves to manage the condition of their children.

The session comprises meet and greet for social skills; creative art therapy for multi-sensory stimulation and sharing; visual skills and eye-hand coordination activities; circle time game for turn taking, listening skills, behavior correction, concept of ‘win & lose’; music & movement for auditory, vestibular, proprioceptive coordination, spatial awareness and recreation. The VEC team has conducted 2 such group activities sessions successfully in the month of July, 2019 and going to conduct the sessions on weekly basis with the overwhelming and encouraging responses from the parents and the children.

visual impairment and multiple disabilities

visual impairment and multiple disabilities

Adults’ supportivegroup

Empowerment of persons with visual impairment defines the complete functional independency and self-reliance in all aspects of their life. The whole process doesn’t come to end without enabling them to compete in the society and to become successful contributors of the nation. In this way, the “Vision Enhancement Clinic” of Sankara Nethralaya is conducting weekly adults’ supportive group meet for the young adult patients with visual impairment. The motto behind this initiation is to promote accessible technology, communication skills, personality development, knowledge sharing, resource exchange, confidence level, leadership qualities, volunteering and awareness on Government concessions. The young adults with visual impairment are getting the opportunity to overcome their depression by interacting each other and able to explore themselves into carrier building options. The participants expressed their pleasure in means of laughter, applauses during the meetings and by volunteering to motivate the new patients who comes with depression.

The meeting is conducted as three sessions as follows:

  • Update on accessible technology – to share and learn about computer and mobile assistive software,
  • Knowledge sharing – to share and discuss about the options for higher studies, job fairs, talking books, educational devices, and learning materials for competitive exams,
  • Quiz and debate – to keep them updated on global events, current affairs, constitutional policies, scientific facts, general knowledge and to develop group communication skills which are essential for professional competency.

A ray of hope to those living in a world of darkness

Low Vision Clinic

As an institution committed to service and alleviation of suffering, Sankara Nethralaya has often ventured outside the confines of diagnosis and clinical care of ophthalmic ailments. Initiatives like starting a computer syndrome clinic, developing the Train your eye software, Low Vision Clinic, Customized eye shell fabrication etc are relief measures that may not fall directly in the ambit of ophthalmology but nevertheless help the in enhancing vision and adapting to  a normal life. The institution inaugurated the Vision Enhancement Clinic (VEC) at the Smt Lakshmi Ammal &Smt Alamelu Ammal Sankara Nethralaya complex at Shenoy Nagar as a major step towards alleviating pain and handicap of the visually impaired by rehabilitating them through enabling, educating and empowering in association with leaders in the field across the counter The centre would strive towards enabling the visually impaired lead an independent and safe life through a combination of well planned intervention processes consisting of counselling, education/vocational guidance, skill imparting, special skills training for students, assistive technology training. The intervention process is tailor made not only to address the challenges of the visually impaired but to help their families in making their life more comfortable. A major highlight of the Vision Enhancement Clinic is the ‘Early intervention services’ for children in the age group of (0-30 with congenital neurological conditions and developmental disabilities where children are assessed for intervention through a play-way method, vision stimulation, visual skills development therapy for preventing further deterioration, a continuing process where the child is carefully assessed until she/he attains 3 years.

The facility equipped with State of the Art infrastructure and manned by an expert in training and guiding the visually impaired, offering comprehensive services to this section including educational and vocational guidance in sync with the Low Vision Clinic (LVC) at the Sankara Nethralaya main campus was inaugurated by Shri Ramakrishna Raju and Mrs Revathy Ramakrishna founders of ‘Vision Aid’ a Boston based charity engaged in serving the visually impaired through various measures.