Polymerase chain reaction of intraocular fluid for mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB)

Senior Consultants from Sankara Nethralaya win high recognitions at nation’s major ophthalmic meet.

ophthalmic meet

A critical study and findings on the impact of Foveal depression/thickness in Age Related Macular Diseases(ARMD), by Dr. Tarun Sharma, Director, Bhagwan Mahaveer Vitro-retinal Services, Sankara Nethralaya, titled “Foveal slope measurements in subjects with high risk of age related macular degeneration” was awarded the ‘1st Silver Award’ by the ‘Indian Journal of Ophthalmology’ and a paper titled “Polymerase chain reaction of intraocular fluid for mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB)” a ground breaking work on effective leveraging of the advanced Polymerase Chain Reaction Process (PCR) to detect or rule out the presence of tuberculosis bacterium in the intraocular fluid, by Dr. Jyotirmay Biswas, Director, Uveitis and Ophthamic Pathology Department, Sankara Nethralaya was awarded the “The best paper read at the UVEA session” and a paper titled  “Diffusion weighted imaging- A predictor of visual outcome in acute optic neuritis” an in-depth work and observation on greater leveraging of ‘imaging technology’ to effectively asses visual outcome in patients with Neuro -optic problems, by Dr S.Ambika, Senior Consultant, Department of Neuro-Ophthalmology and Head of  Neuro- Ophthalmology services, Sankara Nethralaya was awarded the “D.Athawale Award” by the scientific committee at the 73rd All India Ophthalmic Conference (AIOC) the annual meet of the All India Ophthalmic Society (AIOS) held between 5th and 8th of February 2015 at New Delhi. The Sankara Nethralaya family heartily congratulates the winners for the high honour bestowed on them and the impact of their study and findings in better understanding and treatment of eye ailments.