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The eye care pioneer launches a revolutionary new process aimed at perfect vision!

While vision impairments causing partial or total blindness are easily perceptible, minor vision anomalies often go unnoticed and undiagnosed leading to serious issues in the course of time. A typical case of such an anomaly is poor ‘Binocular Vision’ which impedes the capacity of the left and right eyes to co-ordinate in perceiving images and sending co-ordinated messages to the brain; accommodation difficulties and eye movement disorders are other common vision anomalies. Such anomalies manifest themselves in the form of eyestrain, blurred vision, frequent headaches, double vision and tired eyes. As an institution committed to a holistic approach to healthy vision and eye care Sankara Nethralaya looks beyond conventional eye care; initiatives like the ‘Low Vision Clinic’ and the ‘Neuro-Optometry Clinic’ are good examples of this approach. The latest endeavour in this direction is providing its vast domain expertise to Digital Works a software company in the development of TRYe (Train Your eyes) a user friendly, versatile vision therapy software that addresses vision anomalies effectively. The software was formally launched at a simple function held at the Vision Therapy Clinic at the Sankara Nethralaya Main by Dr.SS.Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus and Dr.Vasanthi Badrinath, Director Clinical Services, Sri Nathella Sampathu Clinical Laboratory, Sankara Nethralaya. Ms. Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen, Incharge – Binocular Vision Clinic and Lecturer at the Elite School of Optometry, extended a warm welcome to the gathering assembled and demonstrated the software, she explained the features and purpose of the software in detail and clarified their queries.

About TRYe

• Train Your Eyes (TRYe) is a new Indigenous Vision Therapy Software Product designed and developed by Digital Works Technologies Private Ltd., using the domain expertise of Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

• Developed on latest technology platforms with the ability to run on PC, Laptops, Mobile & Tablets

• Designed for clinic based and home based vision therapy

What is Unique about TRYe?

1. Has normative reference data specific to Indian patients

2.Tested on a large set of patients

3. Training provided for the eye care practitioners by expert Binocular vision practitioners prior to the delivery of TRYe

4. Simple training modules specific for child and adult

5. Compatible with all installation platforms

6. Very easy to handle by any tech-novice patient

7. Easy follow-up for the practitioner

TRYe- Features

The role of TRYe assumes great relevance as recent global and Indian statistics indicate an alarmingly high prevalence of about 30% of binocular vision anomalies among school children and adults who have highly demanding near visual tasks.  These binocular vision anomalies reflect poor eye muscle co-ordination and cause a lot of visual discomfort ranging from eyestrain, headache and double vision resulting in aversion to near work.

While vision therapy (eye exercises) has proven to be efficacious in improving the eye muscle coordination, conventional vision therapy options are becoming obsolete and monotonous leading to the need for innovative vision therapy solutions. Presently available vision therapy software too have their limitations in terms of lacking in indigenous normative data, not so user friendly interface, difficulties with patient follow-up, lack of technical support besides being expensive.

TRYe overcomes these limitations and provides practitioners and patients a friendly tool that addresses a variety of accommodation and binocular vision dysfunctions. It also has the significant advantage of having diagnostic, therapeutic and follow-up tool, all in one package.

To know more about this exciting vision care software please contact

Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen M.phil Opt, FCOVD-I, FAAO
Incharge Binocular Vision Clinic
Sankara Nethralaya, A Unit of Medical Research Foundation,
Chennai-  600 006, India

A high level deliberation throws light on a complex and intriguing area of eye care

As an eye care institution committed to a 360 degree approach to eye care, Sankara Nethralaya takes a holistic view of factors contributing to eye disorders, the institution has a most advanced neuro-ophthalmology department to diagnose eye ailments caused by nervous disorders or those transmitted from the brain/central nervous system. Vision impairments caused by traumatic brain surgeries, cerebro-vascular accidents including stroke, intracranial surgeries, intraocular tumour extraction, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and neurological illnesses contributed by ocular disturbances remain the most challenging and intriguing to ophthalmologists the world over. The neuro-optometry clinic started recently is a major initiative in addressing such issues. Sankara Nethralaya’s neuro-ophthalmology department conducted a ‘Symposium in Neuro ophthalmology: Afferents Plus Efferents’ (SYNAPSE 2K16) a high level interactive platform for Neuro-ophthalmologists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, researchers and students to meet, explore, debate and exchange information, knowledge and real-time cases. The presence of internationally acclaimed professionals like Dr.Andrew Lee, Dr. Prem Padmanabhan,       Dr. Clement Tan, Dr. Dan Milieu, Dr Sharon Tow, Dr. G.Arjundas, Dr. Vivek Lal, Dr.. Lekha Pandit, Dr. Suresh Bapu, Dr. Sidharth Ghosh, Dr.Lingam Gopal, Dr. Depak Arjundas, and Dr.Lakshmi Narasimhalu underlined the significance of the meet.

The inaugural of the two day meet was graced by long time friend and well wisher of Sankara Nethralaya Professor Bala Balachandran, Founder of the world renowned Great Lakes University in India. Delivering the welcome address Dr S.Ambika, Senior Consultant, Neuro-Opthalmology Department thanked the distinguished guests for gracing the occasion, she explained that the objective of the meeting was to explore and study the best practices in neuro-ophthalmology, which she likened to an Alfred Hitchcock mystery. Dr. Ambika had a high word of praise for the neuro-ophthalmology team whose knowledge and work was exemplified by an exhaustive work like the ‘Atlas of Neurology’. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Smitha Praveen, Senior Consultant described Dr. Bala Balachander as a most inspiring academician, excellent teacher and described him as a man with the LSD quotient (Lakshmi-Profit, Saraswathi-Knowledge and Durga-Power). Professor Andrew Lee recalled his association with Sankara Nethralaya dating back to year 2002 and enthralled the audience with an audio-visual presentation titled ‘You are the hero of your own life’

Chairman Emeritus, Sankara Nethralaya Dr.SS.Badrinath used the occasion to recall his journey of 37 years, right from the days at the Massachusetts Eye Infirmary, the influence of Dr.Charles L.Scheppens on his life, return to India, serving at the Voluntary Health Services Hospital, HM Hospital, Vijaya Hospital, the humble birth and remarkable growth of Sankara Nethralaya to an internationally acclaimed ophthalmic centre, successfully meeting the objective of providing excellent eye care, community ophthalmology, teaching and training and research. He had a high word of praise for the excellent work being carried out by the neuro-opthalmology clinic under Dr.S.Ambika. He emphasized that ‘Quality’ is the most important input and instrumental for the institution being awarded ISO, NABH, NABL, he implored the gathering to never, never compromise quality for quantity. He said it was a matter of utmost Joy that the institution could dispense quality eye care at modest tariff for all eye ailments under one roof, carry out focussed, India centric research and high quality teaching and training endeavours. Dr.SS.Badrinath thanked his colleagues for subscribing to his principle of working for a fixed salary and not engaging in private practice which added financial stress on the paying patients, a practice which impressed the legendary Nani Palkhivala to such an extent that he bequeathed a good portion of his wealth to the institution. He closed his touching talk by expressing his faith that his dedicated colleagues would continue the journey started 38 years ago in the same spirit and philosophy.

Speaking on the topic Technology in Healthcare Management and Data Analysis Dr.Bala Balachandar emphasized that in an increasingly demanding world one has to be distinct or extinct, adding that in  a world of emerging disruptive technologies it is imperative for healthcare providers to adapt themselves to the latest technology, he highlighted that in a world of Uberization, it is critical for healthcare institutions to adapt to corporate practices like mergers, strategic alliances, technology, cyber security and seek the expertise of intermediaries and money managers, like any other enterprise, to survive and succeed in an extremely competitive marketplace. He clarified that making money should not be construed as an unethical exercise; underlining strongly that money should be in good hands, he emphasized that otherwise it would find its way to the hands of undesirable elements; he urged the gathering to earn money legally and ethically.

The high power event came to a close with a Vote of Thanks by Dr.Shikha Talwar Bhassi,   Senior Consultant, Sankara Nethralaya.

Sankara Nethralaya opens new horizons in specialized ophthalmic care!

In a major rehabilitation initiative to the neuro-visually challenged patients, the departments of Binocular vision clinic and neuro ophthal services at Sankara nethralaya came together to combine and leverage their knowledge in their respective fields to find novel techniques that offer remedial solutions through the Neuro- Optometry Clinic. Delivering the welcome address, Dr. S.Ambika, Director, […]

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