Gandhi Glasses

Dr. SS Badrinath Oration: Sankara Nethralaya Pays Respect to Visionary Founder with Speech by Gopalkrishna Gandhi

In a poignant tribute to Sankara Nethralaya’s visionary founder late Dr. SS Badrinath, an oration was conducted on Saturday, February 17, 2024 (a few days before the birth anniversary of Dr. Badrinath, which falls on February 24), at Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital in Chennai. The event, held merely a few months after his passing, was marked by heartfelt reminiscences and reflections on Dr. Badrinath’s life and contributions to society.

Ms. Bhavya Ganapathi, a student of Kalakshetra Foundation commenced the event with her solemn invocation. The chief guest, Gopalkrishna Gandhi, was honored with distinction by Mr. G Ramachandran, Honorary Secretary of Medical Research Foundation, and Dr. Girish Shiva Rao, President and Executive Director of Medical Research Foundation.

Mr. Gopalkrishna Gandhi, former West Bengal Governor and distinguished diplomat, took center stage to deliver a stirring speech on the topic, “Gandhi’s Glasses.” In a deeply personal address, Mr. Gandhi recounted his interactions with Dr. Badrinath, revealing that the late ophthalmologist had previously requested him to speak on the same topic during an international gathering.

During his oration, Mr. Gandhi painted a vivid picture of Mahatma Gandhi, sharing anecdotes and memories associated with the iconic figure and his glasses. He showcased photographs capturing Gandhi Ji both with and without his trademark spectacles, underscoring the symbolic significance of this simple yet profound accessory. He concluded his speech by presenting the audience with the last-ever prescription of Mahatma Gandhi, which was recommended by an ophthalmologist.

Dr. TS Surendran, Chairman of Sankara Nethralaya set the tone for an evening of reflection and homage with his welcome address. Sankara Nethralaya’s Honorary Treasurer Mr. Kannan Narayanan concluded the proceedings with a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all attendees and donors, reaffirming the importance of honoring Dr. Badrinath’s enduring legacy. In a significant announcement, Dr. TS Surendran declared that the oration would become an annual tradition, serving as a fitting tribute to Dr. Badrinath. Dr. Girish Shiva Rao, President and Executive Director of Medical Research Foundation, also took part in the event.