Dr Nagamani Dharmapuri oration

16th edition of popular oration n Pediatric Ophthalmology unravels a critical syndrome in children

16th Dr Nagamani Dharmapuri Oration

The 16th edition of the Dr Nagamani Dharmapuri oration got off to a melodious and auspicious start at the Sri VD Swami Auditorium with a soulful invocation by Dr Mihir Girish, invoking Allah and Eashwar, in keeping with the Sankara Nethralya spirit of service to all. Dr Sumitha Agarkar got the proceedings started with a quick brief on the genesis of the award, the deep friendship between Dr Vidyasagar Dharmapuri and Dr SS.Badrinath, the objective of the oration and how it has acted as a bridge between pediatrics and ophthalmology and enriched and complimented the multidisciplinary approach adopted by the pediatric ophthalmology department through profound lectures by experts from diverse fields. This was followed by an introduction of the distinguished Chief Guest and star speaker of the day Dr Anthony Moore highlighting the senior positions held and his achievements as a clinician, researcher and pediatric ophthalmologist by Dr Meenakshi Swaminathan, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Ophthalmology dept and Director of Academics

The oration on the topic ‘Childhood and developmental Macular Dystrophies’ was a demonstration of Dr Moore’s mastery over his specialization, it brought out the similarities and variables of the disorder in terms of manifestation, symptoms and progression. The world famous pediatric ophthalmologist took his audience across continents to highlight incidences and case studies of the ailment which underlined his point that it manifested itself in manifold ways. The learned professor advised simple steps like protecting the eyes from direct sunlight and nutritious food as good preventive steps. The expert highlighted that major work is happening today in the field in terms of clinical trials, gene replacement, stem cell therapy, leveraging inhibitors and administering vitamin A