Students of the TSNA add a winning curve to their learning curve!

Optical Dispensing

‘Optical Dispensing’ is a niche specialty that combines the corrective,remedial elements of dispensing visual aids to right fit and right match of the user with the marketing aspects, a critical combination which gives optometrists the winning edge in a real time scenario. A Fellowship certification in this fine art combining the commercial and dispensing aspects, by a world renowned optometry institution is the Gold standard in the field which could significantly enhance the career prospects of the candidate in any part of the world, hence it was a moment to rejoice when Shakthipriya, Ameera, Kokila and Jayanthi belonging to the first batch of students pursuing their B.Sc in ophthalmic dispensing at the Sankara Nethralaya Academy were awarded their Fellowship in optical dispensing, by the Association of British Dispensing Optometrists, (ABDO) UK

The Sankara Nethralaya Academy and Sankara Nethralaya convey their hearty congratulations to the successful Fellows for this high acknowledgment by the world leader in its field and wish them a bright future and many more academic milestones.

A dynamic civil servant and a media legend rise gloriously to a call for creating awareness an eye care challenge effecting children

Synergy 2019

The 5th annual all India meet of the Strabismus & Pediatric Ophthalmology Society of India (SPOSI), the professional body of Pediatric Ophthalmologists, researchers and academicians committed to cultivate & promote the study,research and practice of strabismology, Pediatric Ophthalmology,Fellowship,interaction among members and continuing education, was hosted by Sankara Nethralaya, a pioneer and leader in Pediatric Ophthalmology and correction of refractive errors and squint, on the 7th and 8th of December 2019. Organizing Chairman SPOSI and ‘Lifetime achievement’ award winner for his contribution to Pediatric Ophthalmology Dr TS Surendran, Director Pediatric Ophthalmology & Vice Chairman Sankara Nethralaya set the tone to the evening with a warm greeting and welcome to the dignitaries and attendees and a quick note on Sankara Nethralaya, the host institution with which he has been associated almost since its inception.

Presenting the annual report of the body, Professor Yogesh Shukla, Secretary – SPOSI explained how the Strabismus Society of India (SSI) became the ‘Strabismus and Pediatric Ophthalmology Society of India’ in due course to include other Pediatric specialties like Pediatric Cataract, Pediatric Glaucoma along with Pediatric Strabismus. Describing Pediatric Ophthalmology as an understudied, hard to pursue and low paying sub specialty, he hailed the SPOSI as a dedicated body in the forefront of advocacy,awareness creation and training of this niche field, a body which has grown from a strength of 500 to 940 in 5 years, making it the largest ophthalmic sub specialty society in the country, a professional body acclaimed in prestigious overseas journals,visited by the American Pediatric Ophthalmology Society, SAARC etc. Dr Pradeep Sharma, president SPOSI hailed the great work done by the body in terms of awareness week, Kids I care week etc, he emphasized that squint was not a cosmetic problem and appealed that squint correction surgery should be covered by insurance companies like other vision reviving ophthalmic processes.

Synergy 2019

President elect SPOSI Dr S. Khokar hailed as an outstanding Pediatric Cataract surgeon,Teacher, Pioneer, Author and speaker by Dr Pradeep Sharma, present President, emphasized that given the large numbers and sheer diversity of cases in this specialty handled in India, it should be the West which should look to us for a better understanding of the same, including training and pursuing Fellowships in India. The evening witnessed some major knowledge dissemination and awareness creation on the subject by way of the launch of the ‘Atlas on Pediatric Ophthalmology’, ‘Atlas on Pediatric Cataract Surgery’ and ‘Visual and Related Anomalies in Children’ a comprehensive compilation by Dr S.Khokar and a highly interesting and informative awareness teaser on ‘Myopia Control’ aimed at the common man by Shri Badri Surendran which was launched by the Guest of honour Shri N.Ram. It was also an evening of honouring and acknowledging all those who contributed to the cause of pediatric ophthalmology, major awards including the ‘Lifetime Achievement award’ were presented by the Chief Guest

A deep involvement in the proceedings and initiatives and warm spontaneous gestures by a spirited health ministry official and a veteran from the Fourth estate, gracing the occasion underlined the collective effort and shared responsibility that made the State a preferred health care destination and raised the spirit of the evening. Delivering the guest of honour address, long time friend and well wisher of Sankara Nethralaya Shri N.Ram, Chairman, Hindu Group Publishing Pvt Ltd started his talk with the observation that it is Dr SS.Badrinath’s vision that led to such wonderful things in the field of ophthalmology, it was an interesting paradox when the man hailed as a wordsmith and whose publication is credited with polishing the language skills of generations of Indians admired the conspicuous absence of ‘Words’ in the day’s proceedings, a rich compliment to the achievers of the evening for the ‘few words’ that they deployed to describe the high levels of training, advocacy, awareness and great achievements, which others would have made much more noise about. The senior journalist and thought leader expressed concern on the rising instance of Myopia in the country, terming it as a crisis in the offing he called for the young generation which was most vulnerable to the threat to spend more time outdoors and take healthy food, he emphasized that the electronic and print media has a moral and ethical responsibility to raise awareness on such neglected issues in society by dedicating free space for good awareness articles. Striking a different chord from the observation of the SPOSI secretary Prof Yogesh Sharma who rued that Pediatric ophthalmology was a underprivileged and understudied sub sect, Chief Guest of the evening Dr Beela Rajesh, IAS, Secretary to the TN Government,Health & Family Welfare Dept hailed it as a ‘Super sub sect’ of ophthalmology. Breaking from protocol the dynamic civil servant left her seat at the dais and took a quick walk all the way to the last row of the auditorium where Founder& Chairman Emeritus, Sankara Nethralaya Dr SS.Badrinath, had taken his seat along with the attendees, to join him in launching the SPOSI journal, adding that it was her honour to do so.The senior bureaucrat expressed relief that children who constituted 40% of those needing eye care were very safe under the care of SPOSI. Hailing Sankara Nethralaya as a legend and landmark of Chennai, she congratulated the SPOSI for its wholesome approach to the issue of Strabismus and overall children’s eye care. Observing that lack of vision is worse than being blind she listed the trailblazing health care initiatives of the State government such as induction of 32 Tele ophthalmology units for tertiary care, focus on Pediatric Ophthalmology and ante natal care. Praising Sankara Nethralaya’s extraordinary genetic mapping she invited the institution to collaborate with the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology and Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Chennai (RIOH) in tackling eye issues of the poor and needy. The proactive health dept official advised that nutrition and preventive care should be strongly emphasized in health care dispensing as today’s busy life led to a neglect of the same and suggested that ‘eye exercises’ can also be popularized as a preventive measure, she closed her talk with a warm invite to the RIOH museum and a call for massive public -private participation in conducting a mega ophthalmic initiative.

The highly absorbing and enlightening two day conference covering the A to Z of pediatric ophthalmology in terms of panel discussions,quiz, pot pourri,’Meet the Masters’ interesting case presentations,videos,exchange of latest diagnostic and minimally invasive treatment modalities which started with a highly educative pre -conference workshop on the 6th of December, came to a close with a sincere vote of thanks to all those who made it a grand success, by Dr Sumita Agarkar, Organizing Secretary – SPOSI and Deputy Director, Pediatric Ophthalmology Department, Sankara Nethralaya.

Big dreams, big achievements and big relief win big honours!


Terms like enterprising spirit, dreaming big, increasing market share and business innovation seem typically in sync with large commercial enterprises operating in a competitive marketplace. These qualities appear out of place in a not for profit, service oriented environment as they are essentially viewed as qualities that commercial enterprises need to survive, sustain and win in a tough marketplace. As an institution Sankara Nethralaya has proved several times that a not for profit, service oriented institution can also leverage these qualities as much as commercial enterprises to fulfil its mission effectively and professionally. Accolades like ‘Best Social Enterprise of the Year’, ‘Business Superbrand’ ‘Best IT adoption in Healthcare’, ‘Outstanding Institution Builder’ award to Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Dr SS.Badrinath, are testimonials of this. The institution was also chosen as a ‘Business Model’ for their case study by members of the Avicenna Leadership Program from the Innsbruck University, Austria pursuing their ‘Medical Education Leadership Course’ under the American-Austria Foundation and by the Eastern chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata to share its ‘Business Model’ at their seminar titled ‘Healthcare- Its reach, cost and quality’

It was a strong reiteration of the above spirit when Sankara Nethralaya was chosen as the ‘Best Healthcare Institution’ at the D2d (Dare to Dream Awards- Season-2) organized jointly by Zee Business and SAP, India. The jury applied their performance evaluation parameters of ‘Market Expansion’ (MESU & Teleophthalmology’s cost free outreach) ‘Business Innovation’ (MESU) and ‘Efficient Processes’ (overall functioning) in that order.  It is noteworthy to add that while the above qualities help an enterprise to increase its commercial worth and its stakeholder’s worth in the case of SN they helped in the common good of mankind and society at large by reviving the lostvision of a large base of underprivileged visually impaired.

The Sankara Nethralaya family expresses its gratitude to the organizers of the D2d awards, organized essentially to acknowledge winning commercial business models, for acknowledging and honouring its endeavours in alleviating the pain and suffering of mankind and making them self- reliant and independent and salutes the MESU and all our outreach teams for their excellent work in reaching eye care to the unreached.

PS- We request every member of the SN family to switch on the ‘ZEE Business’ channel on Saturday 30th November 2019 (tomorrow) & Sunday 1st December 2019 at 8:30 PM and enjoy the proud moment as Dr Girish Shiva Rao, President & Medical Director, MRF receives the ‘Zee Dare to Dream’ award-2019 from Dr Rajendra Kumar, Principal Secretary & Industries Commissioner, Government of Tamil Nadu, Mr Ritwik Ray, Senior Sales Manager, SAP, India, Mr Lal Singh, General Manager, Union Bank Of India, Chennai at the glittering award ceremony held at the Hyatt Regency, Chennai.

SN celebrates its knowledge dissemination efforts in the graceful presence of a venerable Guru!

Sankara Nethralaya’s annual celebration of knowledge sharing as enshrined in its tenets and acknowledging its achievers was celebrated with panache as the “31st Graduation ceremony of the Medical Research Foundation’ on the 2nd of November 2019. The event assumed great significance as it marked the graduation of the last batch of students belonging to the Elite School of Optometry – BITS, Pilani academic collaboration and the fact that it was being held under the Aegis of a most respected guru, friend, guide, philosopher, generous supporter and the 1st Principal of the Elite School of Optometry, (ESO) Dr P P. Santanam, a man whose impeccable character, sterling virtues and lofty ideals made him the most ideal example to emulate,  in the eyes of Dr SS.Badrinath and being chosen by him to lead the fledgling institution as a ‘Role model for the students’.  A man who continues to be ‘a shining role model’ to this day not only for the students of the pioneering institution he served as the first Principal, but to every staff member, consultant, scientist and researcher at Sankara Nethralaya.

It was a sight to behold as the graduating students walked up in their dream attire, the convocation gown, to receive their certificates from the chief guest and other peers similarly clad in their colourful attire, to the thunderous applause of the audience including their proud parents. The pledge and oath that followed reminded one of a new regiment of trained and spirited warriors leaving the fort to the battle field.

There was an air of confidence and pride in the voice of the institution’s head of academics, Dr Meenakshi Swaminathan and there was good reason for the same, the institution’s sterling achievements in ‘knowledge acquisition and dissemination’ one of its founding principles, came out loud and clear as she read out the ‘Academic Report’ filled with accomplishments of its stalwarts being conferred with Diplomates, Fellowships, Awards and other honours from the most prestigious seats of learning and professional bodies in India and abroad including the AAO. Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow, Anglia Ruskin University, American Society of Retina specialists, IJO and the World’s No-1 healthcare agency the WHO, for the impact of their research findings and contributions to overall eyecare. This was matched by the impressive number of PhD’s won, papers published in peer reviewed journals by the students of the various educational institutions of the Medical Research Foundation. The most heartening aspect of the massive knowledge acquisition being showcased was its emphasis on the common good and translation into knowledge sharing through a list of major CME’s and meets and demonstrable impact on public health and pain alleviation through measures like a directive on optimal classroom illumination and ergonomics, specialized eye testing for drivers, vision evaluation charts in local languages that a lay man can make use of on his own, inputs on niche visual needs of sportsmen etc.

The most awaited Chief Guest’s address by the highly adored and respected Dr P P Santanam, a man captured in his shining avatars as an innovator, humanitarian, inspiring teacher, dedicated member of the SN family, generous contributor to research and academics, evolved soul, academician and a man who gave back all that he had to his institution, by Dr Rizwana, Assistant Professor, ESO and Head – Binocular Vision, held the audience in rapt attention, a speech which in his characteristic style was simple yet providing a lot of food for thought and sage counsel. The pioneer and leader in occupational optometry traced the origin and growth of the institution which was dearer to him than his home and the role of all those who contributed to its growth including its prime architect and visionary Dr SS.Badrinath.

The loving and caring academician had a word of advice to the large number of students gathered to keep their grey cells superior to gadgets by constantly exercising it and to practice their vocation/profession with ethics, compassion and commitment, which will eventually pave the way for rich rewards, instead of chasing short term and unethical gains. He closed his most absorbing talk with best wishes to the graduating students and a thoughtful observation that ‘Learning is a journey, not a destination’!!

The‘Optometry Wizard’establishes her wizardry over non-optometry fields as well!

AAO 2019

Festember-2019 the grand annual cultural and talent extravaganza of the‘National Institute of Tiruchirapalli’the 3 day inter collegiate festival showcasing culture, language, talent and knowledge held in October 2019, witnessed the exhibition of young talent and youth power in good measure. Keen participation from premium educational institutions like IIT-M, NIT Pondicherry, SRM University, NIT Trichy, ESO-SASTRA ensured non-stop action without a moment of dullness.

Mehal P.Rathore pursuing her Masters in Optometry under the ESO-SASTRA joint academic collaboration, the bright student whom readers would recall being honoured with the coveted title of ‘Optometry Wizard’ by Essilor, the leading optical devices company, for her proven mastery over a broad spectrum of subjects as diverse as clinical ophthalmology, ocular disease, clinical optometry, contact lens, Low Vision Aids, Binocular Vision and dispensing optics in a prestigious national competition. Mehal rose to the occasion once again at the Festember-2019, to prove that she is a force to reckon with in topics out of the ambit of optometry as well. Representing ‘Unmaad’ the Hindi literature club at SASTRA, the brilliant student exhibited great creativity, grasp, speed of communication and an enviable recall of old and new cinema and music to walk away with the first prize in both the dumb charades & Hindi music and cinema quiz.

The Sankara Nethralaya family applauds its young members superlative performance and honours in a keenly contested cultural event and wishes her a fun and knowledge filled academic journey.

SN’s champions in the ‘Science and art of Light and Vision’ make a major impact at its most prestigious global meet

AAO 2019

The 3rd World Congress of Optometry and 98th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Optometry (AAO) held during end October 2019 at sunny Orlando, the home of world famous ‘Tupperware’ range of serving and storage products, was a win, win situation for the Elite School of Optometry and Sankara Nethralaya, with its veteran Optometrists Dr Rizwana and Dr Anuradha making the best use of their presence at Optometry’s most prestigious global event. It was a proud moment for the institutions she represented when Dr Rizwana was called upon to make a grand round presentation on ‘Convergence and Divergence Insufficiency’- The Complex Couple’ a challenging syndrome for optometrists. Her well researched papers on the management of ‘Hemianopia’ and ‘Accommodative Spasm’ both critical challenges for practitioners of optometry were also very well received. The expertise and experience of the first Indian Optometrist to be awarded a ‘Diplomate’ by the AAO were sought by the ‘New Grad Optometry Community’ at the global meet, under the prestigious forum ‘Experience sharing by thought leaders in optometry’ and her in-depth response by way of sharing her experience as an optometrist at a tertiary eye care institution in India reiterated her subject matter expertise and ability to effectively communicate complex theorems and algorithms to freshers.

The event witnessed the conferring of AAO’s Fellowship, considered the highest recognition in Optometry on Dr. Anuradha, Head of Sankara Nethralaya’s School Screening Projects. The fact that her Fellowship was awarded on the basis of her extensive publications on the critical field of children’s eye health and the title of her paper ‘Role of eye screening in promoting gender equality’ came as a testimony to the passion, dedication and commitment of the Assistant Professor at ESO and champion of children’s eye care and her institution’s enduring values and philosophy.

The two young representatives succeeded in doing some valuable spade work for the inception of an exclusive India chapter at the AAO, the fact that the idea was very well received by the decision makers makes it a distinct possibility in the near future, a key development which would open the gates of the August body to budding optometry professionals, help in enhancing their knowledge, exposure and pursue their Fellowship at the most preferred destination for optometrists the world over.

The vibrant team held critical discussions with Dr Michael Twa, Dean, University of Houston and successfully drafted the next steps towards formalizing an academic alliance that would facilitate exchange of knowledge and collaborative research between scientists, researchers from Sankara Nethralaya’s educational institutions and the University of Houston. The team made the best use of the presence of a large number of Alumni of the ESO at the meet by extending their personal invite, discussing the grand event and finalizing speakers for the forthcoming ‘EIVOC’ the equivalent of the AAO, this side of the Atlantic. The visit combining such varied accomplishments by the team of Dr Rizwana and Dr Anuradha made it a truly rewarding and memorable trip.

Sankara Nethralaya’s multidisciplinary department conducts its multidimensional meet with a strong social message as its central theme


The Neuro-ophthalmology department at Sankara Nethralaya conducted it topical meet ‘Symposium in Neuro ophthalmology: Afferents plus Efferents” – ‘Synapse-2019’ involving participation by experts from across the world, belonging to a cross section of specialties like ophthalmology, Neurology, Neurosurgery and Radiology, with a down to earth message as its central theme. The department which treats a large number of head injury caused vision impairment cases strongly felt that it had a larger role extending beyond treating such cases, in terms of preventing such occurrences, by education and awareness creation. While any injury to the head could lead to such complications, it realized that ‘Road accidents’ contributed the most to head injuries. As an institution with a strong public orientation through education and awareness creation the Neuro-ophthalmology department decided that ‘Synapse- 2019’ would not only be a knowledge acquisition and dissemination event but help in spreading strong awareness on road safety. It also realized that reaching out a critical message to a large target audience cannot be a one day affair and has to be a multi approach communication spread over a period of time and space.


It was most appropriate that Synapse-2019 which witnessed the culmination of a yearlong communication effort on road safety with a strong emphasis on the threat to life and senses caused by head injuries was graced by the grandmaster of Neurology Dr G.Arjun Das. The much awaited event started to a packed to capacity hall at the Taj Coramandel with a soulful invocation by Dr Meenakshi Swaminathan, Senior Consultant Paediatric ophthalmology department followed by a warm welcome note to the dignitaries and attendees by Dr T S. Surendran, Vice Chairman, SN who in his customary nostalgia recalled the creation of the Neuro-ophthalmology department at SN, the brainchild of Dr SS.Badrinath with Dr Lingam Gopal as its first head to its present status, he recalled the active association of the department with Dr Arjun Das and his sage counsel since the days of its inception. Dr S.Ambika, Director Neuro-ophthalmology department, SN and key architect of the symposium underlined how road accidents endangered life and how traumatic brain injury often led to permanent vision loss, adding that in most cases the victims were in the age group of 20-50 years and were often the bread winners of the family. Dr Girish Rao, Medical Director, SN gave an interesting note of the day’s distinguished guests Dr R. Narayana Babu, Director of Medical Education under whose stewardship the health department is making impressive steps, he hailed Dr Arjundas as the Neurologist of the Millenium and Sankara Nethralaya’s long association with him and his son Dr Deeepak Arjundas. Speaking on the occasion Director Administration, Sankara Nethralaya Mrs Akila Ganesan listed the sequence of awareness creation initiatives conducted from the beginning of the year that included installing Logmar charts, distribution of eye check kits across 9 HP petrol bunks, talks, skit, quiz with road safety as the central theme and safety oath on world optometry day and a critical drivers screening test and distribution of free glasses with anti-reflective coating. She ended her note with a firm resolve that all of us are responsible for road safety and every driver should undergo complete eye examination. Delivering the keynote address Dr Narayana Babu highlighted the trailblazing healthcare initiatives of the State government in terms of opening healthcare centres on highways, increasing the number of ambulances, reducing response and morbidity time, the senior bureaucrat from the health department observed that the challenge before healthcare providers is to reach out quality healthcare at affordable costs to 70% of the population living in the rural areas. Guest of Honour Dr G. Arjundas started his talk with a warm thanks note and high word of praise to the Neuro-ophthalmology department at SN for their consistent contribution to the field, he went back in time regaling on how good and bad accidents shaped his destiny, his meeting with the stalwarts of his era and its influence, on him and the starting of SN by one of his favourite students.

The most interesting and absorbing event with a participation of 8 International speakers,27 National speakers involving challenging case studies, debates latest innovations, best practises by a cross section of experts consisting of Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Pediatricians, Pathologists and Neuro-ophthalmologists witnessed the honouring of Dr Arjundas one of the legends in the field of Neurology with a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ and the release of a ‘Road Safety’ video with commentary by Actor Madhavan. The high power event came to a close with a warm vote of thanks to the distinguished guests, SN management, sponsors and distinguished delegates for their rich scientific contributions by Dr Shikha Talwar Bassi, Senior Consultant Neuro-ophthalmology dept.

An institution ingrained in his values and driven by his philosophy pays a ‘bright’ tribute to the Mahatma on his 150th birth anniversary

Sneham 2020

Even a cursory glance would reveal the striking similarity between the principles, values and objectives that govern Sankara Nethralaya as an institution and the ones propounded by the Father of the Nation. The institution came into being on the clarion call made by the Seer of the Kanchi Mutt, to strengthen the nation’s health care capabilities, as a step towards self-reliance, it dispenses eye care with a spirit of service and love and without disparity between paying and non-paying patients, clear Gandhian values and principles. The institution engaged passionately in fulfilling the Gandhian dream of independence, self-reliance and dignity of our countrymen, by reviving the lost vision of the indigent visually impaired, for more than 4 decades, decided that the best homage and tribute to the Mahatma on his 150th birth anniversary would be by adopting a ‘village’ where he declared ‘The Soul of India lives!’ and ensuring the healthy vision of every single resident. ‘Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital’s Anjali to the Mahathma’ whose acronym SNEHAM most appropriately translates as ‘Love’ or ‘Friendliness’ in Tamil, the brainchild of Mrs Akila Ganesan-Director Administration, Sankara Nethralaya evolved as a vehicle to fulfil the above.

Sneham 2020

It was most appropriate that Sankara Nethralaya’s homage to the Mahatma, SNEHAM-2020, was flagged off by Shri K S Kandaswamy, Collector, Tiruvannamalai district, a civil servant passionately committed to Gandhian values, presiding over the function as the Chief Guest and Shri Surajmal Jain friend and well-wisher of SN and a philanthropist deeply ingrained in Gandhian values and patron of the Suraj Sankara Nethralaya, as a guest of honour. Delivering the welcome address, Dr. Chandrakanth,-In-Charge of the Suraj Sankara Nethralaya, Tiruvannamalai hailed the occasion as a Red Letter Day and a giant step in the institution’s community outreach initiatives, he underlined that SNEHAM-2020 being flagged off most appropriately by a Gandhian civil servant will empower and liberate the villagers living in 150 villages in the district through revival of vision. Dr Anuradha Narayanan, Assistant Professor at the ESO and a driving force behind the project hailed that SNEHAM-2020 will bring Vision 2020 (100% vision) to the underprivileged, by year 2020 by eliminating avoidable blindness through massive screening of the local population, the expert in eye screening highlighted that these camps will help in diagnosing diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, refractive errors and offer preventive/curative care and free glasses. She highlighted that the success of any project depended on the people behind it and hailed the generous gesture of Mr Milind Jadhav, Senior Director, Inclusive Business & Philanthropy, South Asia, Essilor, gracing the occasion, for committing a staggering 50,000 spectacles, approximately valued at INR 1.5 crores for free distribution, from the Essilor Foundation, as their contribution to the project. Dr Anuradha thanked the Collector and Shri Surajmal Jain for supporting the distribution of self-help kits to the schools in the district with the help of which teachers could do basic eye examination of the students. Hailing the Collector as the very epitome of humanity Shri Surajmal Jain highlighted the humanitarian services rendered by him to the district which made him a fan of him, sterling qualities which came for fulsome praise with live examples in the intro of the chief guest by Mrs Akila Ganesan-Director Administration, Sankara Nethralaya

Delivering the Chief Guest’s address Shri KS Kandaswamy, Collector, Tiruvannamalai district exclaimed that it was a golden day for the district and expressed his thanks to Sankara Nethralaya for launching SNEHAM-2020, he hailed Shri Surajmal Jain’s generous gesture of donating an entire hospital for a noble cause as a rare gesture in today’s world adding that his numerous service initiatives have made him as important to the district as it’s administrative machinery. He underlined that SNEHAM 2020 would be a critical preventive care initiative which would help in diagnosing and treating ailments through its massive school screening programs. The service minded Civil Servant lamented that education today is unfortunately being viewed as something that would simply improve the scope for employment and earning opportunity of the individual and its larger role of imparting knowledge and character building is often neglected, he exhorted the students gathered in large numbers not to allow small hurdles to block their big goal, he advised them to not look for the family inheritance and instead focus on gaining knowledge and learning, as wealth will diminish with the passage of time but knowledge cannot be destroyed and will stand by them all through their life. He closed his talk on an emotional note that each brick of their classrooms will carry their dream and will happily and proudly welcome them when they achieve their dream and visit their old school as highly successful men and women.

SNEHAM-2020 Sankara Nethralaya’s ambitious cost free outreach initiative and 150th birth anniversary homage to the Mahatma put its best leg forward with its maiden eye screening camp at the Suraj Higher Secondary Matriculation school, Melthangal village, Chetpet Taluk, Tiruvannamalai district, the venue of the launch.

Leading UK University honours Sankara Nethralaya’s senior Vitroretina surgeon with a Doctorate.

OPAI 2019

The Anglia Ruskin University located at Cambridge, UK is among the oldest and well known seats of research and academics in the world and boasts of a large number of overseas students enrolled in its wide array of programs. This high seat of learning recognizes and honours professionals belonging to diverse fields for their sterling achievements in their area of specialization and contribution to society through the same, with an honorary doctorate, on its annual graduation day.

We take great pleasure and pride in sharing that the University conferred Dr Rajiv Raman, Senior Consultant, Vitroretina Department with a Doctorate in Health Services, at its Annual Graduation Ceremony held this year. Cambridge Network, the University’s in-house journal referred to the awardee as ‘An internationally renowned retinal specialist, scientist and pioneer in using Artificial Intelligence in the detection of diabetic retinopathy’.

It was a proud moment for every member of the Sankara Nethralaya family as Dr Rajiv Raman walked up to the dais to receive the Doctorate from Professor Roderick Watson, Vice Chancellor, Anglia Ruskin University, in a most colourful pageant held at the ‘Cambridge Corn Exchange’ located at the centre of Cambridge, on the 14th of October 2019, to the thunderous applause of the large gathering of 2,600 students from all over the world and faculty members of the university.

Sankara Nethralaya family salutes its veteran VR Consultant on this coveted acknowledgement and honour from a highly respected seat of learning and wishes him many more accolades and honours in his journey in clinical care, research and collaborative learning.

Sankara Nethralaya’s pioneering department makes a strong impact at international topical meet.

OPAI 2019

The Oculoplastic Association of India (OPAI), the premium body engaged in promoting education,research,quality of care in the complementing fields of ophthalmic plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, ocular oncology, aesthetic surgery, oculo-facialplastic surgery, held its 30th Annual conference on the 6th,7th and 8th of September 2019 at Guwahati. The meet attended by a large number of professionals in the field from various parts of the country and abroad was conducted by Sri Sankaradeva Nethralaya under the Aegis of the Ophthalmological Society of India.

OPAI 2019

The high power event proved to be a great knowledge acquisition and dissemination exercise for the participants with interesting workshops, ocular quiz, ocular debate, presentation of Free Papers, e posters. Videos, Ophthalmic Premier League, a grand round with experts giving participants the rare opportunity to discuss and clarifytheir doubts with the Masters in the field from all over the worldand review of challenging cases. Members of the team from Sankara Nethralaya’s Orbit, Oculoplasty, Aesthetic& Reconstructive Services made a strong presence at the event by demonstrating their subject matter expertise and presentation skills.

We take great pride and pleasure in sharing the details of the honours won by them

Best Video: Film festival – Competitive video session
Tackling the Nidus (Embolization and Excision of Orbital AVM) – Dr Nisar Sonam Poonam, Dr Shebin Salim, Dr Bipasha Mukherjee, Dr Swatee Halbe

Best Team: Oculoplasty Premier League (OPL)
Avenging a Volume Deficient Socket (Autologous Fat Transplant) – Dr Nisar Sonam Poonam

Best Photo:
A Monster’s Reflection (Sebaceous gland Carcinoma) – Dr Md. Shahid Alam, SNK

Young Ophthalmologist Oculoplastic case competition – YOSI session
Runner up
Battling a Unique Mold (Orbito-rhino-cerebral aspergillosis) – Dr Varsha Backiavathy, Dr Bipasha Mukherjee, Dr Veena Noronha, Dr Krishnakumar. S, Dr Lily Therese

Best e poster in lacrimal session:
Lacrimal sac Solitary Fibrous Tumor – Dr Avriel I Gudkar, Dr Bipasha Mukherjee

The Sankara Nethralaya family conveys its Hearty Congratulations! to the members of its pioneering department for keeping the Sankara Nethralaya flag flying high at a highly prestigious topical meet!