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A moment of crowning glory for an institution committed to alleviating pain and suffering through service with a ‘personal touch’!

It was a moment of great pride to the institution founded on the principle of cost free eye care to the rich and poor without disparity and with a personal touch, when the administrator of its community ophthalmology wing ‘Jaslok Community Ophthalmology Center’ (JCOC), Shri V.Sivakumar was honoured with the highly prestigious ‘Seva Ratna Award’ – 2016, by well known civic body and service organization ‘EXNORA INTERNATIONAL’. The award citation affirms that the man being honoured has made ‘the world a better place today’ through his stellar service, which succinctly captures the very essence and purpose of Sankara Nethralaya.

The award was presented by Honourable Justice M.V. Muralidharan, Judge, Madras High Court at a glittering award ceremony held on the 7th of May 2017 at Vani Mahal, T Nagar, in the August presence of Shri P.Durairasu, IFS, Additional Principal Conservator of Forests, Government of Tamil Nadu, Srimathi M.Vijayalakshmi, IAS, Deputy Commissioner–Health, Greater Chennai Corporation and Dr. M.B. Nirmal-Founder EXNORA INTERNATIONAL.

Let us put our hands together for a round of resounding applause and extend our hearty Congratulations to Shri V.Sivakumar on being conferred with this rare honour!

A path breaking study and investigation into the ‘Second biggest’ cause of blindness in the country!

While the fact that ‘cataract’ is the single largest cause for vision impairment in the country is now fairly common knowledge, not many would perhaps be aware that vision impairment caused due to failed cataract surgeries or post operative complications is the second largest contributor for the same! a disturbing fact that Dr SS.Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus and Founder Sankara Nethralaya often highlights in his talks, much to the amazement of the audience. The purpose of his observation is to lay a strong emphasis on the need for experience and expertise to perform a high quality cataract surgery, a seemingly simple vision revival procedure. Sankara Nethralaya his institution which can take pride in taking the battle against the biggest cause of blindness to the next level, with the revolutionary Mobile Eye Surgical Unit (MESU) its strategic offensive against the ailment, in the most remote regions of the country, launched its offensive on the second largest contributor of vision impairment, by way of a high level symposium going into the depth of complications in cataract surgery, that come in the way of its success and outcome on the patient.

‘Cataract Catalyst’ – A course in the Management of Complications in Cataract Surgery’ opened to a packed audience at the ITC Grand Chola, Chennai on the 29th of April 2017. The event witnessed the participation of some of the biggest names in the field of ophthalmology like Professor Jeevan Titiyal, Dr Manju Kulkarni, Dr Mohan Rajan, Dr Sujatha Mohan, Dr Lalit Varma, Dr Minu Mathan and several others. As cataract surgeries are performed by surgeons from across all ophthalmic specialties, almost all the senior consultants and heads of every specialty at Sankara Nethralaya were in attendance, which made it a very special event.

The two day event gave an opportunity for surgeons from different ophthalmic specialties share the challenges they faced in performing cataract surgeries on patients with complications like ocular surface and other local disorders not directly related to cataract but nevertheless posing an issue to a successful cataract removal and IOL implantation process, surgical techniques to be adopted in challenging cases where cataract surgery had to be performed on patients with misalignment, patients with one functioning eye, myopia, close angle glaucoma, scleral fixation etc were taken for analysis, processes like Hoffman technique with penetrating keratoplasty, were discussed in length. A critical part of the deliberations was cases where the cataract surgery passes off as a routine process with no specific challenges but the patient develops vision issues, dysphotoptic symptoms, watering of the eye, instances where the vision is good during the immediate post operative period but deteriorates during glass appointment or later and these were taken for detailed discussion. The most important and informative part of the session capturing the spirit of the tag line of its title ‘Navigating turbulent waters – Masters to the rescue’ was the screening of challenging cases by individual surgeons and suggestions and solutions to overcome the same by the senior members from the panel. In short the two day event turned out to be a great learning experience, thanks to the vast exposure to diverse complications in cataract surgery that it provided to the participants and in-depth understanding of the subject enabled by the first hand sharing of their experiences in complexities in cataract surgery by specialists.

An institution governed by the principle of service to mankind pays homage to a Guru who championed the cause ‘Love All Serve All’

An institution strongly committed to the dictum ‘Manava Seva, Madhava Seva’ which implies that service to mankind is service to the Almighty, Sankara Nethralaya observed the ‘Aradhana’ of Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba, the Saint who espoused this cause as his philosophy and teaching, with great reverence and passion. It is noteworthy that the day is observed as ‘Human Values Day’ the world over in deference to his doctrine that the practice of universal human values leads to good citizenship and enriches the quality of life.

The lounge of the Mahyco block at Sankara Nethralaya’s main campus wore a festive look on the 24th of April 2017 with colourful festoons and a beautiful floral decor laid at the feet of the Guru and Spiritual Master for millions of devotees from all faiths and creeds spread across the world, a modern day Messiah who continues to inspire and set an example to the world with his timeless teachings.

The venue came live to the mellifluous and emotive rendering of Sai Bhajans by Dr S. Meenakshi, Senior Consultant, Pediatric Ophthalmology Department, Shri Jayprakash the front office in-charge at the Kamalnayan Bajaj Research Centre, a group of Sai devotees from the Sankara Nethralaya Women’s auxiliary (SWAN) and spirited chanting of bhajans and keerthans by the large gathering of employees and relatives of patients assembled on the occasion.

The spirit of Manave Seva strongly advocated by the great Guru was captured on his Aradhana by a generous grant made by well wisher and friend of Sankara Nethralaya Shri Alok Kumar Somani, Director, Blakburn & Co Pvt Ltd, Kolkata, towards supporting the community services of the institution, the contribution made towards alleviating the suffering of the poor and needy, made on the auspicious occasion was received on behalf of Sankara Nethralaya by Srimathi Akila Ganesan, Director- Administration.

The joyous, auspicious and momentous event concluded with Mangala Arathi to the God in human form, by Shri Narayanan, Manager, Kamalnayan Bajaj Institution for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology and distribution of Prasadam to all attendees.

State of Art study on the prevalence of ophthalmic disorders among members of consanguineous families, by Sankara Nethralaya researcher is recognized with a Doctorate by nation’s prestigious seat of education

It gives us great pleasure and joy to share with members of the Sankara Nethralaya family that Ms. S. Srilekha from the SN ONGC Genetics & Molecular Biology Department, Kamalnayan Bajaj Institute for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, the research arm of Sankara Nethralaya has successfully completed the viva voce examination for her PhD thesis titled “Genetic Analysis of Consanguineous South Indian Families with Leber Congenital Amaurosis and Retinitis Pigmentosa using Homozygosity Mapping” at the  BITS – Hyderabad campus. Her external examiner was Dr. Chitra Kannabiran, Scientist, Molecular Genetics Laboratory from L.V.Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad.

Ms Srilekha pursued her research and study on this highly critical topic and made her observations under the able assistance and supervision of Dr. N. Soumittra, Associate Professor, SN ONGC Genetics & Molecular Biology Department.  Her thesis work and presentation were extremely well received and appreciated. Sankara Nethralaya family conveys its hearty Congratulations to Dr. S. Srilekha on her proud achievement and to her supervisor Dr.N.Soumittra for successfully mentoring and guiding her first PhD student!!! and wishes them many more accolades and recognitions.

Head of Sankara Nethralaya’s niche department chosen to spearhead Australia’s initiatives to promote bilateral relationship with the South Asia region

We take immense pride in sharing that Ms. Jameel Rizwana Husaindeen, Head of Binocular Vision Therapy Clinic, Sankara Nethralaya and Lecturer, Elite School of Optometry (ESO) is among the 10 elite faculty members from India to be honoured as ‘Australia Award – Endeavour Ambassador’ by the Department of Education and Training, Australian High Commission, New Delhi, to foster bilateral relations between Australia and the South Asia region through collaborative education and research programs.

Please click here for a detailed account of the award and the challenging role of the awardees

Sankara Nethralaya’s eye bank wins highest accreditation in its field!

It was a moment of crowning glory for the Sankara Nethralaya family when the CU Shah Eye Bank, the institution’s most advanced and well equipped facility and key player in its battle against corneal blindness was awarded the ‘Quality Certificate’ by ‘SightLife’ a high profile member of the ‘International Agency for the prevention of Blindness’ (IAPB) and non-profit solely focused on eliminating corneal blindness the world over. The CU Shah Eye Bank named after one of the institution’s earliest and most generous supporters, has been a part of Sankara Nethralaya almost since its inception, the resource, a critical partner in treating corneal blindness has also been in the forefront of creating awareness on eye donations in the country and enjoys the reputation of being among the oldest and well administered eye banks in the country, although it was yet to be formally certified for its quality and functioning.

The long overdue recognition was fulfilled when SightLife, the world’s leading body which lays quality guidelines and norms, monitors and evaluates eye banks on the most stringent parameters the world over, accredited the facility with its ‘Quality Certificate’. The process was set in motion when Shri K.Hari Babu, Manager CU Shah Eye Bank and his team initiated the compilation of a directory on quality procedures, processes and best practices governing eye bank operations the world over combined with Sightlife’s own directives formalizing eye bank operations and quality standards for eye banks in India, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Eye Bank Associations of India. This exhaustive work proposed to serve as a ‘Standard operating Procedure’ (SOP) for the eye bank was prepared with expert guidance and assistance from Senior Consultants of the institution actively involved in the management and growth of the CU Shah Eye Bank almost since its inception, namely Dr Prema Padmanabhan, Medical Director, Eye bank, Dr Rama Rajagopal, Deputy Director, Eye Bank and Dr N.Radhika Senior Consultant, who also played the key role of the editor of the document. The SOP was presented to the world body and approved by it, as a next step the members of  SightLife were invited for a first hand observation of the functioning of the CU Shah Eye bank in compliance with the aforesaid parameters. The auditors from SightLife conducted their audit on the critical functionalities and capabilities of an eye bank namely donor eligibility, tissue recovery, processing storage, tissue evaluation and distribution and completed the same in September 2016 the audit team was thoroughly satisfied with their observations, which manifested itself as an overwhelming 100% pass!! for the facility.

The ‘Quality Certificate’ was received from SightLife on behalf of CU Shah Eye Bank, Sankara Nethralaya by Shri K.Hari Babu, at a glittering awarding ceremony at the SightLife Managers Annual meet, held at the Taj Vivanta, New Delhi on 4th January 2017, the award was presented by Ms Claire Bonilla, Chief Global Officer, SightLife in the August presence of Ms Shubhi Sood, Quality Assurance officer, SightLife India and Shri Atul Kapoor, Asia-Pacific Manager, SightLife. It is noteworthy to mention here that the CU Shah Eye Bank is the first Eye Bank in the State to be honoured with this high accreditation.

In a rare gesture of its appreciation of his initiative and efforts the leader and forerunner setting and implementing quality standards for eye banks, certified the Manager of the CU Shah Eye Bank and driving force behind winning the accreditation, Shi Hari Babu as a prompt and punctual ‘Time Keeper’ at the awarding ceremony.

The Sankara Nethralaya family conveys its deep appreciation to Shri Hari Babu for his sincere efforts in streamlining and enhancing the operations of the CU Shah Eye Bank with expert assistance from senior members of the institution and expresses its hearty Congratulations!! To him for the honour bestowed on him and the branch of the institution managed by him, by the global leader and partner committed to eliminating corneal blindness.

Three ‘National Board for accreditation of Healthcare Providers’ (NABH) accredited centers, an in-house laboratory quality certified by the ‘National Board for accreditation of Laboratories’ (NABL) the nation’s highest quality certifications and now an international ‘Quality Certificate’ for its eye bank; the wheel has gone a full circle indeed for an institution committed to quality and nothing but quality in all its endeavors.

Senior anaesthesiologist from Sankara Nethralaya makes a critical contribution to the practice of ‘Ophthalmic regional blocks’

It was a glorious moment for the institution which can take justifiable pride in underlining the critical need to develop ophthalmic anaesthesiology as a distinct and specialized branch of anaesthesiology, the institution which played a key role in the formation of the Ophthalmic Forum of the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (OFISA) and its tireless champion Dr VV.Jaichandran, Senior Anaesthesiologist and Organizing Secretary of OFISA. After a series of laurels and accolades for his path breaking findings, at the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists Conference (ISACON-2012), World Congress of Ophthalmic Anaesthesia (WCOA-2012), Ophthalmic Forum of the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists Conference (OFISACON -2013), British Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Society meet in 2015 (BOAS-2015). Dr VV.Jaichandran was invited as an expert guest speaker at University of Berne and conduct a hands on workshop for needle blocks at the satellite symposium with workshop/wet lab to reality at the Jules Gonin Eye Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland and at a workshop titled Tecniche di anestesia in oftalmogia and workshop anestesia peribulbare at the Ospidale San Guiseppe, Milan, Italy during mid February 2017. Reporting the event in Reseau Ophthalmo Anesthesiologique Helvetique, Switzerland’s premium magazine on ophthalmology, Dr Friedrich Lersch who was a participant in these events commented that Dr VVJaichandran’s lecture and hands on training were a great learning experience for the anaesthesiologists of Berne and his talk titled ‘Ophthalmic Anaesthesia practice in India’s largest Eye Care Hospital’ and ‘Anatomy for regional blocks’ would not be forgotten for years to come, by the audience.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Madras) has recently accredited the expert in ophthalmic anaesthesia as a co-inventor of the “Real-time view mannequin’ for practising regional ophthalmic blocks, a device which promises to enhance the process significantly. Readers would recall that his in-depth workshop on ‘Simulation in regional blocks using ‘eye -practising orbital device (POD) along with Mr Biswarup Mukherjee of IIT-M at the WCOA-2012 at Ankara won critical acclaim and triggered great interest in the real-time usage and availability of the device and its likely cost, with the distinguished audience. The invention is a result of the collaborative and concerted research efforts between Dr VV.Jaichandran and the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-M). Patent for the product has been applied for at the national level and it is expected to be available commercially once the same is received.

We take great pride in sharing with the Sankara Nethralaya family that Dr VV.Jaichandran has in a rare gesture of goodwill and reciprocity to the institution, pledged to donate his share of the ‘Royalty’ or recurring sale proceeds of the device to the ‘Medical Research Foundation’. The Management and members of the Sankara Nethralaya family express their hearty Congrats to Dr VV.Jaichandran for his trailblazing contributions to the field of ophthalmic anaesthesia and his role in developing this critical device which would go a long way in enhancing its practice. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to him for committing the rewards of his hard work to his institution, in the true spirit of ‘Disseminating of Knowledge for the common good’ one of its founding principles.

Inaugural of massive eye care facility in the East of India marks a giant step in Sankara Nethralaya’s battle against blindness!

Sankara Nethralaya launched its second major offensive against vision impairment in the East of India with a sprawling 67,000 Sq ft, 5 storied, State of the art ophthalmic facility at ‘Rajarhat’ the burgeoning satellite ‘New Town’ located at the north of 24 Parganas at the north eastern periphery of the city. The facility would offer world class ophthalmic care to both paying and non-paying patients from the State and neighbouring countries of Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal, it would also engage in India centric ophthalmic research and high level knowledge dissemination in the region by way of teaching and training initiatives.

Sankara Nethralaya launched its second major offensive against vision impairment in the East of India with a sprawling 67,000 Sq ft, 5 storied, State of the art ophthalmic facility at ‘Rajarhat’ the burgeoning satellite ‘New Town’ located at the north of 24 Parganas at the north eastern periphery of the city. The facility would offer world class ophthalmic care to both paying and non-paying patients from the State and neighbouring countries of Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal, it would also engage in India centric ophthalmic research and high level knowledge dissemination in the region by way of teaching and training initiatives.

Sankara Nethralaya chose Kolkata as its preferred destination when it chose to expand its services outside of the Southern region back in year 2007, as a mark of its gratitude to the people from the Eastern part of the country who had reposed their faith and confidence in its services right since its inception. Setting up a unit at Kolkata was to save them the time, money and long travel down South, especially in their state of visual impairment. The first unit named Aditya Birla Sankara Nethralaya had reached its full capacity and hence the need for an additional unit in the region was felt. The Kamalnayan Bajaj Sankara Nethralaya is named in honour of the highly principled businessman, visionary and philanthropist in acknowledgement of the large grant made towards the facility by the Bajaj family. The second Sankara Nethralaya unit in the city of Kolkata was dedicated to the people by the Honourable Chief Minister of the State Ms Mamata Banerjee at a grand inaugural function held at the hospital premises on the 27th of February 2016. The function was graced by Panchayat Minister Shri Subrata Mukherjee, Chief Secretary to the government Shri Basudeb Banerjee, Shri Debhasish Sen, Chairman of the Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) which had demarcated an area in Rajarhat exclusively as a health block, Ms Minal Bajaj, Honourary Director, Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation, Maj Gen (Retd) Gautam Kar, Head- Infrastructure and administrative Services, L&T and many more friends and well wishers.

Welcoming the Chief Guest, dignitaries and invitees Dr KS.Vasan, Managing Director, Sankara Nethralaya began his talk on an emotional note that the institution’s entry to West Bengal was not just an expansion of its services but an expression of its gratitude and concern to a people who had reposed their utmost faith on it, he had a high word of praise for the Chief Minister of the State who was presiding over the function and her government for the support and assistance which made the Kamalnayan Bajaj Sankara Nethralaya a reality.

A mellifluous rendition of Guruji’s timeless lyrics ‘Anondo Loke, Mongola Loke, Biraja Sotto Sundaro’ seeking universal happiness and peace, by Sankara Nethralaya Kolkata members Ms Mausami Shaw, Ms Mukta Chanda, Ms Gargi Sengupta, Ms Rama Debdas and Ms Shalini Dam gave an auspicious beginning to the function. Underlining the day as a ‘Red Letter Day’ in the annals of Sankara Nethralaya’s Kolkata operations Dr Sujata Guha, Medical Director, Aditya Birla Sankara Nethralaya gave an absorbing account of how Sankara Nethralaya stood as a great example of Public-Private partnership, she took the opportunity to express the institution’s gratitude to the Bajaj family and all the philanthropic donors whose generous support made the facility a reality, speaking on the occasion Dr Suchetna Mukherjee, Deputy Director, Aditya Birla Sankara Nethralaya, highlighted that the institution set aside a good portion of the revenue generated through paying patients and screened 45-50% of out- patients and performed 30 to 35% of its surgeries totally cost free, adding that the new unit would have an entire floor dedicated for cost free community service.

Inaugurating the facility to the thunderous applause of the large gathering Ms Mamata Banerje the Honourable Chief Minister expressed her pleasure in welcoming a new unit of Sankara Nethralaya, a favourite institution of the people of the State. In a spontaneous expression of her appreciation for the Bajaj group for their contribution and service to healthcare, the Chief Guest most magnanimously draped the ornamental shawl meant to honour her, back on Ms Minal Bajaj the Chairperson of the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation who was representing the Bajaj family on the occasion. The Chief Minister took the opportunity to lay down strong guidelines and ethics that should govern the functioning of a healthcare institution, she underlined that while healthcare cannot be dispensed totally free it should not be run like other commercial ventures and should ensure that its services made people smile, assuring that her government will not interfere in the internal affairs of a private hospital she expressed her hope that the new institution would live up to the expectations that the people had reposed on it.

The momentous event came to an end with a Vote of Thanks by Shri Rajib De, General Manager, Sankara Nethralaya Kolkata operations.

Welcoming the Chief Guest, dignitaries and invitees Dr KS.Vasan, Managing Director, Sankara Nethralaya began his talk on an emotional note that the institution’s entry to West Bengal was not just an expansion of its services but an expression of its gratitude and concern to a people who had reposed their utmost faith on it, he had a high word of praise for the Chief Minister of the State who was presiding over the function and her government for the support and assistance which made the Kamalnayan Bajaj Sankara Nethralaya a reality.

The momentous event came to an end with a Vote of Thanks by Shri Rajib De, General Manager, Sankara Nethralaya Kolkata operations.

A guest lecture on a most common present day malady – ‘Addiction to Gadgets’

While the prediction that a day would come when machines would rule man may be a figment of imagination fuelled by popular science fiction of the Spielberg type, what is very real and alarming is that machines have indeed come to rule and dominate man’s ‘Time’- a grim precursor to dominating him??

The Elite School of Optometry (ESO) the academic arm of Sankara Nethralaya organized a guest lecture to address this most common and growing malady of the present times ‘Addiction to Gadgets’ by Dr. M.Vasuki Mathivanan, city’s leading counseling psychologist on the 22nd of February 2017. Welcoming the speaker and the audience Dr. Anuradha Narayanan, Lecturer, ESO gave a lively start to the proceeding with her remark that she had deliberately placed her hand phone back in her work station, in keeping with the spirit of the day’s talk on staying away or being independent of gadgets and would be relying on her memory to introduce the guest speaker, her credentials and achievements, the fact that she did as good a job as one would do if one were reading off from a smart phone/palm top screen rang an optimistic note to the day’s talk exhorting the audience to avoid the dependence on gizmos.

Speaking on the occasion the leading counseling psychologist cautioned that while usage of modern devices is inevitable in a fast paced world, one should know to distinguish the difference between using and abusing gadgets. Highlighting that excessive preoccupation with gadgets like the mobile phone, computer or the TV could impair a child’s cognitive powers, she advised parents to observe if their children exhibited traits like being withdrawn from friends, uncomfortable in face to face interactions, staying in their room when visitors drop in at home etc, as these were indications of addiction to gadgets. She observed that a good way to keep the children away from such addiction would be by setting a good example wherein elders at home do not spend long hours with gadgets, but read a book, engage in conversation etc, playing an outdoor/indoor game would be a great way to wean oneself away from gadgets she added. Dr Vasuki exhorted the audience to subject themselves to a an impartial and objective self assessment to ascertain if they were already addicted to gadgets or in the way to becoming addicts, by asking themselves

  1. Do I feel irritable if my favourite gadget is missing/not functioning
  2. Do I feel upset if there is no response to an online post I made in a social media platform
  3. Do I feel bored or lost in the absence of technology
  4. Do I often suffer from pain or discomfort in the back/spine

The renowned psychologist cautioned the audience that excessive preoccupation with electronic gadgets could result in ‘social jetlag’ and made an earnest appeal to them to avoid upsetting the ‘Circadian Rhythm’ or natural sleep cycles and not to disturb one’s biological clock except in the most rare and unavoidable occasions as irregular sleeping schedules could be harmful to the body.

Sankara Nethralaya shares its knowledge at CME organized by a like-minded institution

The Comtrust eye hospital is a pioneering eye care institution in the Malabar region of Kerala started by the Commonwealth Trust India Ltd, run by German Missionaries. A non-profit organization recognized by the ‘National Program for Control of Blindness’ the nation’s premier eye care initiative and accredited as a ‘Sight First’ hospital by Lions International, the institution is governed by the principles of ‘quality, affordable eye care to paying patients’ and ‘totally cost free eye care to the poor and needy’ and ‘dissemination of knowledge for the common good’ through quality academic initiatives, the same lofty principles which govern Sankara Nethralaya.

The institution held a ‘Continuing Medical Education’ session (CME) on ‘Dioptrics’ the branch of optics that deals with the impact of refraction of light on visual acuity and evolving corrective solutions, titled ‘Dioptricom’ at Kozhikode on the 12th of February 2017. The event witnessed talks on a wide array of topics and debates like refreshers on refraction, binocular vision, commonly debated eye care practice issues and updates on cataract surgery, by eminent eye care professionals from across the country. We take great pleasure in sharing that Ms Jameel Rizwana Husaindeen, In-Charge-Binocular Vision Clinic, Sankara Nethralaya and Lecturer of General Anatomy at the Elite School of Optometry was invited to participate as a keynote speaker in this high level topical meet. Ms Rizwana gave an in-depth talk on the critical area of Dioptrics namely ‘Solving Convergence Excess’ and also delivered an interesting keynote address on the topic ‘Binocular Single Vision Decoded’ covering the critical need for binocular vision care, the disturbingly increasing prevalence of binocular vision issues among school children and ways to combat the same with quick and innovative screening tools which was extremely well received by more than 100 Ophthalmologists attending the CME.

We take this opportunity to compliment and congratulate her on keeping up the institution’s avowed philosophy of disseminating knowledge for the common good and to enable better eye care for all.