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Prof.Andrew Parratt Visited Sankara Nethralaya on 16-03-09

Prof. Andrew Parratt of Biodeakin University, Australia visited Sankara Nethralaya on 16th March 2009.  Our research proposals: (1) Micro RNA in cancer stem cells in retinoblastoma and (2) tissue specific suicide gene therapy in cancer, using nano-carrier drew their praise.  A Deakin Institute is in the works in Bangalore.
Prof. Parratt visited the Elite School of [...]

Rebirth X-rayed In An Enlightened Way

As scheduled, Mrs. Wilja C.G. Combe delivered a lecture on Reincarnation on 7th March 2009 in our new auditorium.  It was interesting and informative.  It reinforced the concept of reincarnation and made us understand many aspects of life which would otherwise be a riddle and a puzzle.  It was well attended by many well-wishers, employees [...]

Visit of Mr.Bhagirath Gopal & Mr.Vikram on 16.12.08

Visitor Mr.Bhagirath Gopal and Mr.Vikram from Sir Ratan Tata Trust visited Sankara Nethralaya for evaluation of Phase 3 of the fellowship program sponsored by SRTT.

Visit of Bramarishiji Guravanand Swami Guru Ji on 13.12.08

Bramarishiji Guravanand Swami Guru Ji Visited Sankara Nethralya and blessed the Sankara Nethralaya Family on 13.12.08

Guest Lecture Glaucoma Dr. Aravind Neelakandan on 11.12.08

Dr Aravind Neelakandan, University of Southwestern Medical School, USA visited Sankara Nethralaya on 11.12.2008 and gave a guest lecture on “Glaucoma Surgery Update” At 5.30 Pm at the New Auditorium in the New Research Building.

Guest Lecture by Dr Syed M Noorwez on 29.11.08

Dr Syed M Noorwez, Ph.D, Res. Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology from University of Florida visited Sankara Nethralaya on 29.11.2008 and gave a guest lecture on “Increased yield of mutant rhodopsin aby calnexin in pharmacologically modulated conditions”.

Visit of Mr. A.M.Naik on 25.11.08

Mr. A.M.Naik C.M.D. L&T visited Sankara Nethralaya and went around the new research building constructed by his company.

Visit of Delegates From National University of Singapore on 18.11.08

A meeting was held with the Delegates from Department of Biological Sciences, National University Singapore, in the VRF Board room, New Research building, and they visited Our Research Laboratories on 18.11.2008 at 6 pm

Visit of Lions Club on 15.11.08

Lion Albert F. Brandel, LCIF President, Dr. Maureen Murphy, Lion G Ramasamy, Lion M.Nagarajan, Lion K G Ramakrishnamoorthy, Lion Nevile Mehata, Lion KS Lakshmi, Lion T Bakthavatsalam, Lion Dr Chandrasekhar Shetty, Lion GV Raman, Lion M V Raghunathan, Lion Harinarayanan, Lion P Chandrasekharan, visited JCOC and made a hospital tour.
They were welcomed by [...]

Orbis Team Vietnam on 12.11.08

ORBIS an international organization in Ocular Health Delivery is supporting an Eye Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to establish Training on Paediatric Ophthalmology. A team of 5 members from this project and one ORBIS senior staff visited Sankara Nethralaya on 12.11.08.