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Like To Show My Gratitude In The Form Of A Donation

We have not seen her. She lives in USA. In September 2008, She wrote a line, ‘ I have Harada’s syndrome, can you treat it? I am in USA presently’. Just an email. We replied promptly and since September 2008, we have several exchange of emails. We have seen the images of her eyes as [...]

Visit of S.B.Goenka on 24.10.08

Visitor S.B.Goenka, a director of Food Facts & Fertility, came to Sankara Nethralaya to make a Donation.

Visitor R.U.Singh President & CEO on 26-08-08

Visitor R.U.Singh President & CEO from TCI SEAWAYS visited Sankara Netralaya for Donation.

Haresh N Shah, Trustee of Indumati Shah Charity Trust donated towards the Outreach programme of Sankara Nethralaya

Thank You sir. Your help will make a immediate difference in the life of many.

Mrs Vatsala Srinivasan donated to Sankara Nethralaya on 17-09-2007

Thank you Mam, your generosity will make an immediate difference in lives of lot of people.

Mr V Jagannathan, chairman cum MD, star health & allied Insurance and his team donated to SN on 17-09-2007

Thank you sir for you Kindness.

Shri R Ranganathan of Kollegal donated to Sankara Nethralaya towards Cataract Surgery on 12-09-2007

Thank You Sir for your Noble Gesture!

DIGNITARY of 324A1 Lions Club of Madras Visited Sankara Nethralaya on 29-08-2007

Mr P. S. Parthasarathy was a great well-wisher of Sankara Nethralaya.In remembrance of her Husband’s Birthday, Mrs Kausalya Parthasarathy has willingly sponsored the Tele-phthalmology camp for 2 days. Her daughter & the LION’s club member’s who accompanied her that day, have also donated to the spectacle scheme of Sankara Nethralaya Women Auxiliary.