Sankara Nethralaya serves the unorganized sector through Occupational Optometry

Sankara Nethralaya’s Department of Occupational Optometry Services conducted a focused continuous comprehensive services for the laborers in the unorganized sector.  Sunday camps also were held monthly once between July to November 2021 at the main hospital, with the invaluable support of Computer Ages Management Services (CAMS) as a part of their CSR activity.

This camp included a Visual Task Analysis Based eye examination for sculptors, hair dressers, fishermen, agricultural workers, and toy-making artisans crossing the borders of Tamil Nadu.  Around 896 workers benefited by these camps and around 686 individuals were dispensed with new glasses including safety eye wear & about 162 were referred for further specialty cross consultations.  Cataract surgery for about 28 patients were funded by CAMS and followed-up by OOS.

We thank all our supporters such as CAMS for collaborating in the fight  against preventable blindness and bringing quality eye care to the deserving patients of our nation.

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