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The pioneer and leader in children’s eye screening reiterates its premium position with a path breaking study!

The Elite School of Optometry (ESO) has over the years carved a niche for itself as a pioneer and leader in the field of children’s eye screening, while childhood is the best stage for early detection and timely treatment of ophthalmic issues, such screening comes with its own challenges as children may not be as [...]

Landmark collaboration between nation’s premier optometry institution and a highly respected seat of academics and research promises to take Optometry to its next level

The 7th of June 2017 marked a giant stride for the art and science of optometry, the critical study of light and refraction and its impact on vision, as the Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology and Research Academy, Thanjavur the premium arts and technology institution popularly known as SASTRA and the Elite School of Optometry (ESO) [...]

A large scale study and its critical findings on the detrimental impact of ultraviolet rays on the human eye win high recognition for ESO faculty member

While most of us recommend the wearing of Sunglasses when venturing out on a sunny day to reduce the brightness of the Sun’s rays entering the eye to tolerable limits and to help ease the strain caused to the eyes, we are blissfully oblivious to the fact that unprotected, direct exposure of the eye to [...]