June 2016

Key advancements mark colloquium on Laboratory Diagnostics

‘Emerging trends in Laboratory Diagnostics’ Sankara Nethralaya’s initiative to discuss the latest developments in diagnostic practice proved to be a mindboggling knowledge exchange for its participants comprising Students from various institutions, Research Scientists, Lab Professionals at the packed hall at Sri V D Swami Auditorium on Saturday, 25th June 2016.

Welcoming the gathering, Director – Administration, Ms. Akila Ganesan pointed that it was critical for one to be open to “Learn, Relearn and Unlearn” while paying rich encomiums to the stalwart Dr H N Madhavan, who remained a backbone and guiding light to the Vision Research Foundation and its developments in critical areas of Micro Biology, Genetics, Bio-Chemistry and Nano Technology.

After the formal lighting of the Kuthuvillaku to mark the beginning of the session, Prof S Ramani, Prinicipal, the Sankara Nethralaya Academy (TSNA) briefed the gathering on the objectives of his institution and how it stood as a pillar of Sankara Nethralaya by imparting education on Clinical courses.

In his Presidential address, Dr C N Srinivas, Director of Laboratory Medicine, MIOT Hospitals elaborated on the Journey to quality “I to ISO”, elaborately highlighting essential inputs for Quality, he underlined the need for a Management System that included Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Improvement and Quality Cost and how NABL accreditation endorsed the overall competence and operations of the system in place.

Dr V K Ramadesikan, a pioneer Bio-Chemist, Professor and Head of Bio-Chemistry Department at the Tagore Medical College and Hospital, in his lecture on “Sample collection in Clinical Bio-Chemistry – common errors and pitfalls” indicated on the critical role of labs in patient care and how to bring in zero level cognitive and non cognitive errors and differences in lab diagnosis.

The brain storming sessions included a wide range of topics including “Recent advances in Laboratory Hematology”, “Urine Automation”, “Basics of Molecular Microbial techniques”, “Advances in Immunohistochemistry” by stalwarts in the field, along with poster presentations by students of Medical Laboratory technology.

The most invigorating session concluded with a prize distribution and vote of thanks by Dr. Vandana, Lecturer at the Sankara Nethralaya Academy.

VIBS – Valedictory function of Hands-on Summer Training programme (11th – 31st May 2016)

The annual Hands-on-summer training programme conducted by the Vidyasagar Institute of Bio-Medical Science (VIBS) a Unit of Medical Research Foundation, with an objective of imparting real time knowledge and experience to post graduate students in their chosen fields, was held this year between 11th May and 31st May 2016. A total of 9 PG students from all over the country including one overseas student participated in this year’s hands on training program. They were assigned to various research labs at the Kamalnayan Bajaj Institute for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (KNBIRVO Block),

1.    3   in R.S. Mehta Jain Department of Biochemistry & Cell Biology

2.    2  in SN ONGC Genetics & Molecular Biology

3.    4 in   L & T Microbiology Research Centre (4).

The participants were from the B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal (1), Saveetha Medical College & Hospital, Chennai (2), The American College, Madurai (1),  Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore (2), Central Research Lab, IMS & SUM Hospital, Odisha (1), MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai(1) & A.C.Tech.Campus, Anna University, Chennai (1).

All the participants performed well in the evaluation conducted at the end of the programme by the three departments where the training was imparted. Dr. K. Lily Therese, coordinator, VIBS conducted the valedictory function on 31st May 2016 after the successful conclusion of the program, she requested the participants and faculty from all three departments to give their feedback.  The students gave a good feedback on the training imparted to them, while the faculty from the respective departments appreciated the enthusiasm and involvement with which they learnt the new techniques. The participants were requested to share the acquired knowledge and impart the skills to their juniors and colleagues in their respective colleges, in keeping with Sankara Nethralaya’s philosophy of disseminating knowledge for the common good. All the faculty members and the Scientists involved in conducting the programme shared their experience with the students. The certificates were distributed to the students by the respective HODs/Faculty.

The function came to an end with a warm Vote of Thanks by Dr. N.Angayarkanni, HOD, R.S.Mehta Jain Department of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. She expressed her gratitude to the faculty scientists and technical staff involved in training the students, the management of Vision Research Foundation & Medical Research Foundation for providing the facility and the founder of VIBS, Padmashri Iravatham Mahadevan, I.A.S. for providing the wonderful opportunity to train Post graduate students from various Science & Arts Colleges & Research Institutions.


With jubilations all around,  Jagadguru “Maha Periyava’s”, 123rd Jayanthi Utsava was celebrated with reverence at the Sri VD Swami Auditorium, Sankara Nethralaya main campus on 26th May 2016.

Sri N Vijay Siva, the seasoned vocalist of the DKJ music lineage, in his mellifluous rendition, invoked the blessings of Lord Shiva, through the composition of Manikavasagar.

Introducing the Chief Guest of the day, Col Raghavan, Advisor – Projects, remarked that he felt proud to have Brahmasri B Sundar Kumar, an erudite scholar on Advaita philosophy and scriptures, exponent of Srimad Ramayanam and the first doctorate awardee from Sastras to be addressing the gathering.

Humbly offering his salutations to the Saint of the Era, Sri Maha Periyava, Sri Sundar Kumar started his presidential address as a torrential downpour, eloquently quoting verses from the Ramayana whose essence was reflected in Maha Periyava’s spiritual life.

He spoke of the greatness of Aadhi Kavya Srimad Ramayana stating that all scholarly wisdom brewed with it and hence it was a repository of knowledge that needed to be studied with all humility.

Sri Maha Periyava had a subtle way of pointing to errors said he, when a historian who had chanted Ramayana 107 times and sought blessings for the 108th Chanting from Periyava, with a grandly printed invite that had a larger font for the “Printer’s address”, Maha Periyava, glancing this, queried if the historian had a faint idea about the spokes on Sri Rama’s umbrella, to which Sri Periyava himself answered quoting Ayodhya Kanda, that spoke of Sri Rama’s radiant face under the umbrella with 100 ribs that glittered like the rain water froth.

न ते शत शलाकेन जल फेन निभेन च |
आवृतम् वदनम् वल्गु चत्रेण अभिविराजते || २-२६-१०

This downsized the historian’s pride after which he prostrated before Maha Periyava seeking pardon.

Maha Periyava was the very epitome of compassion, said Sri Sundar Kumar, quoting an instance when a scholar who was in distress and penury was advised to chant Ramayana to his Mother, “नूनम् नन्दति ते माता”, to be blessed by her.

Sri Sundar Kumar indicated that Maha Periyava emphatically reiterated that भारत was कर्म भूमि and all our rituals/ offerings to Devatas or ancestors bore fruit in this divine land while living in foreign lands only helped in enjoying material comforts and luxury. Justice Ismail, former Chief Justice of the Madras High Court, was an authority on Kamba Ramayana, whose verstality, Maha Periyava admired and discussed elaborately about the “Illusions” of the materialistic world, remarked Sri Sundar Kumar.

Sanskrit knowledge would fortify reading Ramayana, remarked Periyava in a sadhas when he spoke of the आनन्द शब्द grammar as quoted in Ramayana in the verse

कल्याणि बत गातेयम् लौकीकि प्रतिभति मा
एति जीवन्तम् आनन्दो वषर्म् शतदपि

In his concluding remarks, Sri Sundar Kumar quoting Saint Composer Sadasiva Brahmendrar,

खेलति मम हृदये श्रीरामः

Chanting Rama Nama, one would easily cross the ocean of passion and suffering that would make one detach oneself from desire and hatred and lead into the path of salvation.

Sri Sundar Kumar highlighted that Paramacharya in his Shookshma shareera was the phenomenal guiding light to one and all.

The next agenda on the day’s function was the “Honouring of Dr. T S Surendran, Vice Chairman, Sankara Nethralaya for his glorious achievement of being conferred the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS), by the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, UK, earlier this year.

Sharing their experiences with the ever smiling and unassuming Dr. TSS as he is fondly referred to, Senior Consultant Dr. Smita Praveen, Dr. Rajeshwari Mahadevan, Head, Contact Lens Department and Smt Latha Suresh hailed encomiums on the veteran paediatric ophthalmologist and deft surgeon, cherished by all for his mammoth contribution in the making of Elite School of Optometry, to what it stands today.

In his acceptance speech, Dr T S Surendran, expressed his deep gratitude to the institution and its ‘Periyava’, in a reverential reference to Dr. SS Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus, for the golden opportunity to serve.

What followed was a most absorbing presentation of the community eye care services dispensed by the Kolkata Sankara Nethralaya through a poignant short film titled ‘Sankara Nethralaya – The Kolkata Chapter’ highlighting the need for continuing the institution’s’ Mission for Vision’ and the state of art facilities offering tertiary ophthalmic care at Kolkata, serving millions in the neighbourhood, shot by Shri Badri Surendran and team. The film was released by long time friend and supporter of Sankara Nethralaya Lion Shri M V Raghunathan.

The grand function concluded with “Aarthi” to Maha Periyava and floral tributes by devotees.