January 2016

A moment of glory for a pioneer and champion of ophthalmic anaesthesia.

Dr. VV.Jaichandran receives the award from Professor Peter Shah, President, British Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Society
Dr. VV.Jaichandran receives the award from Professor Peter Shah, President, British Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Society

It was a glorious moment for the institution which can take justifiable pride in underlining the critical need to develop ophthalmic anaesthesiology as a distinct and specialized branch of anaesthesiology, the institution which played a key role in the formation of the Ophthalmic Forum of the Indian Society of Anaesthiologists (OFISA) and its tireless champion Dr VV.Jaichandran, Senior Anaesthiologist and Organizing Secretary of OFISA. After a trailblazing record of laurels at the ISACON – 2012, WCOA – 2012 and 2nd OFISACON- 2013 at Ankara it was London’s turn to shower its accolades on Sankara Nethralaya’s representative at the British Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Society meet, held on 19th & 20th November 2015, his highly researched white paper titled OASiS (Ophthalmic Anaesthesia simulation system): Evaluating training module for practicing ophthalmic regional anaesthesia” developed jointly with the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT-M won the “Best Poster” award for its path breaking  approach to the subject.

Dr. Jaichandran leveraged the opportunity to give a detailed account of Sankara Nethralaya’s service oriented approach to dispensing eye care to an august audience by giving an absorbing  talk titled ‘Lessons from Overseas” – Eye care in India: Serving both the rich and poor. He also gave an in-depth talk on the critical topic ‘Risk factors for complicated local anaesthesia and Surgery’ which was well received by the audience.

The entire Sankara Nethralaya family acknowledges and applauds Dr VV.Jaichandran’s deep commitment and involvement to his area of specialization, his constant study and research endeavours which have added great value to the field of ophthalmic anaesthesia and won pride for him and his institution and wishes him more and more recognitions and honour.

Sankara Nethralaya venerates its mentor on aradhana day

The 22nd Aradhana of Kanchi Maha Periyava was observed with great reverence on 7th Jan 2016 at the Sri VD Swami Auditorium with a devout spirit to the “Mahaan” of Kanchi, whose blessings made Sankara Netharalaya stand tall and aloft, marked by Vedic hymns, and a composition on Paramacharya mellifluously rendered by Smt Keerthana.

After the welcome address by Dr. N. Sowmitra, Principal Scientist/ Associate Professor, Genetics Department, Smt Bala Raghunathan, Volunteer-SWAN gave an elaborate introduction to the Chief Guest of the day, Shri Indra Soundararajan, a prolific Tamil writer of innumerable thrillers and mystic novels whose TV serials “Marma Desam, Vidadhu Karuppu” were immensely popular. Shri Indra Soundarajan’s epic novels included “Rudra Veenai”, “Kottaipurathu Veedu”, “En peyar Ranganayaki”, that fetched him the “Best Author award by Mylapore Academy” and “Best Novel award by Government of Tamil Nadu”, she added.

Shri Indra Soundarajan in his chief guest’s address observed that he felt blissful in a place which is full of bliss. He shared his profound and highly invigorating experiences with Mahaperiva, as a torrential pour.  The acclaimed writer recalled his maiden visit to Kanchi, made in the midst of a heavy downpour and indisposition, the Sage’s Darshan he remarked with emotion, was solitary,  the garland of flowers adorning his feet waving in acknowledgement as “Paadha Diksha”, which began the author’s spiritual journey.

Shri Indra Soundarajan highlighted that as the Pontiff of the Kanchi Mutt the great Paramacharya through his mere simplicity attracted men from all walks of life, be it scholars, dignitaries from foreign lands and from within the country by his sheer mastery over Shastras Upanishads and Puranas. Underlining the great Sage’s detachment to worldly things he recounted how Paramacharya happened to appreciate his Cook who he served him a dish made of “greens”, after which he began a long fast, lest his appreciation for the dish brand him as “Sankaracharya’s greens”! Such was the austerity he practiced for the lineage.

Devotees of Paramacharya had exceptional classical personal experiences that taught latent lessons to all, he said, quoting a dream of the Chartered Accountant, who rose to the ocassion to pay an interest of Rs.1359/- that was due, in service to the Mutt’s Bhaktha.

Mookur Lakshmi Narasimhachari, a Vaishnavite scholar had deep respect for Sri Paramacharya, whose association with Journalist Manian and former Chief Minister MG Ramachandran, brought about the Nutritious Meal scheme in Tamil Nadu, he added.

Paramacharya’s authority over SHASTRAS were impeccable, quoted Indra Soundarajan, when an ailing North Indian, found cure after he faithfully enabled publication of the 18 Puranas, amply blessed by divinity.

Concluding his emotional lecture, Indra Soundarajan, remarked, that Paramacharya kindled everyone’s thoughts to inquire “Oneself after shedding ignorance”.

The blissful day concluded with distribution of flood relief fund to employees of Sankara Nethralaya.