Sankara Nethralaya takes a critical overview at the most common cause of visual impairment in the country.

As an ophthalmic institution in the forefront of eradicating blindness and reviving the ‘Light of Vision’, Sankara Nethralaya has always been concerned about the high incidence of Cataract, the leading cause of blindness in the country and lack of awareness about it among the general public. While Cataract removal surgery is among the most simple of ophthalmic processes and Cataract caused blindness is the most easily reversible form of blindness, there are many aspects of Cataract which are blurred, grey and unclear quite typical of the symptoms the ailment manifests itself.  Sankara Nethralaya is engaged in combating the illness everyday through the large number of Cataract removal surgeries carried out at its centers, Cataract screening at its various outdoor camps including ‘On the spot Surgeries’ carried out by the Mobile Eye Surgical Unit (MESU). It is also engaged in focused research in finding out the cause of the disease including the possibility of delaying its onset and prevention.

Sankara Nethralaya recently conducted a workshop titled ‘Cataract Catalyst 2015’ as a continuing medical education initiative to share knowledge and expertise among the eye care professionals from different sub-specialties of ophthalmology to tackle the complex situations arising in Cataract surgery and evolve best practices in Cataract care, which is not currently governed by definitive protocols, through a vibrant exchange of knowledge and hands on experience. The workshop evoked enthusiastic response from a cross section of ophthalmologists; the highlights of the CME were a potpourri of panel discussions, talks from specialists across the city and poster presentations, a debate on current ophthalmic practice and a quiz. The CME was attended by 160 ophthalmologists and witnessed interactive participation by all attendees. There was a video and poster presentation competition also. The best video was awarded to Dr. Seema from Arvind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry and the best poster was won by Dr. Vijeyenthi /Dr Rajesh P S from Sankara Nethralaya for the study on surgeries done in the MESU camps.

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