The Sankara Nethralaya Academy pumps a dose of motivational adrenalin into its students.

Sankara Nethralaya Academy

Dr. T. Santhanam – Professor and H O D of Computer Science & Program coordinator for Vaishnav Community College,
Arumbakkam, and Chennai conducting the session.

As part of its counselling and providing a roadmap to growth and success, the SN Academy organized a special session on ‘Motivation’ for its students on 31st October 2014.

As part of a unique initiative to enhance academic and non-academic performance the Sankara Nethralaya Academy conducted a session on “Motivation”. The program was conducted by Dr. T. Santhanam, Professor and H O D of Computer Science & Program coordinator for Vaishnav Community College, Arumbakkam, Chennai, well known for his professional counselling and refreshing approach to academics and career building.

Addressing the students pursuing their Diploma and Degree in Allied Health Science Programs –  Dr. T. Santhanam  emphasized that they were the future of this country and each one of them was unique as individuals who had the potential to be high achievers.

“You can achieve any goal in life provided you know yourself well, plan well, work hard and keep improving your knowledge, skill and attitude on a continuous basis. No doubt, your parents and teachers will always be by your side as a guiding and supporting force,” he told the students.

Offering many practical tips on time management, Dr. T. Santhanam observed to the students that this was a crucial time of their lives, as they were passing through a phase where many changes take place simultaneously. He advised them to be ready to embrace the changes with a positive frame of mind and enjoy every moment.

Citing the examples of renowned personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Alva Edison, Our Former President of India – Dr Abdul Kalam and others, Dr. T. Santhanam exhorted the students to live in the present to focus on studies and other enabling activities with greater intensity. “Learning is a continuous and very fulfilling process and excellence is a journey, not the destination,” he asserted.

In reply to a question, the speaker emphasized the need for a regulated life wherein there was room for every necessary activity – from education to enjoyment; from healthy eating to engaging in extracurricular activities. He underlined that School & College days are the best period to learn and   pursue them with all sincerity and enthusiasm,” he told the students.

The session was highly interactive and the students posed questions on various issues including career related ones. Dr. T. Santhanam appreciated the initiative of Academy management for organizing such a vital session. TSNA Principal – Prof S Ramani, Assistant Registrar – A Mahalingam, Academic Officer and other faculty members were also present on the occasion.

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