Integration of Supply Chain management in Healthcare

Shri K Nagappan – General Manager (Materials), Apollo Hospitals delivering the lecture

The Sankara Nethralaya Academy (TSNA) Conducted a Session on Supply Chain Management in Healthcare for executive Healthcare management program.

Welcoming the gathering, Mr A Mahalingam , Assistant Registrar of Sankara Nethralaya Academy, highlighted that Health care sector was a “Sunrise” sector that provides evergreen pastures for growth, without stagnation. Realizing this need for Supply Chain Management systems in Health care the Sankara Nethralaya Academy conducted a session on Supply Chain Management in Healthcare focus on 01.11.2014.

While this unique session handled by Sri. K.Nagappan, General Manager (Materials), Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd pointed that India was becoming the hub for medical tourists, Chennai was chosen by 50% of them for treatment.

In his lecture, Sri. Nagappan elaborated the guidelines, management of flows and management of interdependencies (linkages), and the base drivers that included facilities, transport and warehousing and information management and the importance of effective supply network management in health care sector. He subtly pointed out that in Health care sector, the human value of the patient, happened to be very critical, at both ends, firstly as the one requiring utmost care when he enters as a sick man and as a happy, satisfied man upon his exit.

The picture of Indian health care industry showed an upward growth and necessitated synchronization of supply chain management of both men and material. There are challenges in integrating suppliers, logistics at different departments viz Operation theatre, emergency, stores and purchase to ensure optimum utilization of resources and handling varying volumes and service levels without having to rise cost, he added. Mr.Nagappan aptly finished by saying “Better supply chain, better health care”.

At the conclusion, Mr A Mahalingam also took this opportunity to  announce yet another unique program called Healthcare Quality Management – Certificate Course (Onsite / Online). The Sankara Nethralaya Academy has designed and launched niche programs, the first of its kind in the history of health care sector in association with The AHPI Institute of Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety, led by Dr Girdhar J Gyani the acknowledged father of Healthcare Quality in India and founder of the NABH and ACME Consulting, the largest Healthcare Quality Consulting Organisation in India. This course will be commencing from 15th November 2014.  For details and registration, Visit:

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