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Sankara Nethralaya Academy faculty get real time exposure to effective teaching and communication

Dr Ramnarayan, Vice Chancellor, Manipal University at the Session

Dr Sudhakar Nayak, Dean and Head , Department of Biochemistry and Medical Education, Manipal University, Manipal at the session.

As an institution committed to constant upgradation of its faculty and the firm belief that only a teacher well versed in the art and science of teaching can stand apart in the world of academia and make a difference to knowledge dissemination goals the Sankara Nethralaya Academy teamed with the Department of Medical Education, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal to expose its faculty to the finer nuances of teaching. The faculty and senior management members of the institution were exposed to every facet of teaching from approach, methodology to teaching aids in an intensive 3 day workshop on Pedagogic and Personal effectiveness by stalwarts in the fields of teaching and training Dr. Ramnarayan, Vice Chancellor and Dr. Sudhakar Nayak, Dean and Head, Dept of Biochemistry and Medical Education, Manipal University.

The key learning of the workshop was the need for total harmony of knowledge (Head) Skill (Hand) and Attitude (Heart) for the success and fulfillment of any teaching initiative.

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