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Population based study by Sankara Nethralaya Consultant throws new light on Glaucoma.

Dr. Rathini Lillian David, Consultant at the Smt. Jadhavbai Nathmal Singhvee Glaucoma Services, Sankara Nethralaya, was honoured with the “Best Paper Award” for her in-depth and well researched presentation, elaborating the critical impact of a variation in pressure on glaucoma. The paper titled “Tran laminar cribrosa pressure difference and glaucoma in a population based study” [...]

Nobility through charity

There are no excesses in nobility and charity. When deeds are true, it binds the heart and goes beyond.
In yet another act of utmost compassion, the Sankara Nethralaya Women’s Auxiliary (SWAN) exhibited the camaraderie that they have fostered on to themselves with Sankara Nethralaya, an institution, that forges every moment to alleviating blindness, by a [...]