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Faculty from the ABDO College, Kent, UK throw new light on parameters and potential of new course

Ophthalmic Dispensing program Students and Parents attending the session

Faculty from ABDO College, UK interacting with Students

Ms. Miranda Richardson, Asst Director of Professional Examinations, ABDO having a lively chat with students
The SN Academy added a feather to its cap when it conducted the first interactive session between the first batch of 3 ½ years Baccalaureate in [...]

Sankara Nethralaya OM Trust conducts a musical fundraiser

The mellifluous tunes of the Nadaswaram, India’s pride are so captivating that they are believed to have the mystical quality of enhancing the output of crops in the paddy fields and making cows produce more milk. The Sankara Nethralaya OM Trust organized a rare Nadaswaram concert by brothers Kala Saraswathy, Kalaimamani Kasim and Babu disciples [...]

The 7th batch of TSNA’s “Certificate Course in Hospital Management’ get certified

The certificate awarding ceremony of the 12 weekend certificate program in Hospital Management conducted by the Sankara Nethralaya academy, an education wing of the Sankara Nethralaya, a unit of Medical Research Foundation was conducted successfully on 13.09.2014 at Sankara Nethralaya main campus, College road, Chennai 6.
Padma Bhushan Dr SS Badrinath [...]

Sankara Nethralaya confers high honours on its well wishers on its 36th Foundation Day

The Temple of the Eye entered its 37th year of service to humanity with great pride and joy on the 6th of September 2014, the day marked the conferring of the Sankara Ratna and Smt M.S. Subbulakshmi awards to the great people who have shared its dream, supported its cause and celebrated its achievements. The [...]

Tributes and fond recollections of a great teacher and good friend mark the observation of the 7th Dr K.P.Misra Endowment Oration

The little bottle of water clasped in his hand, had over the years become an intrinsic part of the great speaker’s oration, the imposing image of a smiling Dr. K.P.Misra holding the little resource in hand after quenching his thirst was hence a very familiar sight for the audience gathered at the Sri V.D.Swami Auditorium [...]

High profile financial services provider prefers Sankara Nethralaya as its CSR partner

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) the well known, Chennai based, transfer agency to the asset management industry and technology enabled service solutions partner to private life insurance companies, chose Sankara Nethralaya as its partner to execute its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for year 2014. Sri N.K. Prasad, President & CEO and Sri P.B.Vijayaraghavan, VP – [...]

Sankara Nethralaya spearheads “Awareness rally during Eye Donation Fortnight”

Sankara Nethralaya, with its undaunting spirit has consistently championed the noble cause of eye donation with numerous efforts to enhance the volume of eye donations, to bridge the wide gap between availability and need for cornea in transplant procedures by spreading awareness on eye donation.
Since its inception, the CU Shah Eye Bank has been involved [...]

Sankara Nethralaya’s knowledge dissemination initiative reaches across the bamboo curtain

It was a glorious feather in Sankara Nethralaya’s cap and a momentous occasion for its ongoing initiatives in ‘Knowledge dissemination for the common good’ which is one of its founding principles, when the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) and ORBIS (China Chapter) two highly prestigious bodies governing Ophthalmology worldwide invited Dr.Meenakshi Swaminathan, Director Academics, Senior [...]

“Chief” planner and strategist in the battle against blindness inaugurates a new fortress in western India!

Nothing gives more joy to the man to whom eradication of blindness is the dream, vision and purpose of life than the opening of a new vision care facility and the joy becomes boundless when the new initiative is by an old student and friend of Sankara Nethralaya, driven by the same value sets and [...]

Young Indian American sibling’s enthralling vocal concert takes compassion to “Lofty Heights”

The Srinivasans namely Shri Kumar Srinivasan a senior pharma professional and Srimathi Bhuvana Srinivasan a software programmer, settled for long in the Philadelphia area are great connoisseurs of Carnatic music, another common passion that the couple share is their empathy to Sankara Nethralaya’s cause and philosophy, hailing from Chennai they are well aware of Sankara [...]