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The Sankara Nethralaya Academy conducts an absorbing and informative session on “Advanced Diagnostics in Optometry Practice”

Advanced Diagnostics in Optometry Practice

The fourth Continuing Optometric Education COE Nethra Vidya series 2014 was conducted on 10th of August 2014 at V.D Swami Auditorium. The topic of the session was Advanced Diagnostics in Optometry Practice. The gathering of Optometrists and students were welcomed by Anuja R Singh, HOD – Optometric Education, TSNA who stressed the importance of Diagnostics in today’s practice with the advent of sophisticated technology and equipments. The session was divided into three segments – Glaucoma, Cornea and Retina. Headed by Ms. A. Rashima, Senior Optometrist and Lecturer, Elite School of Optometry, the faculty went on to give excellent training sessions on various aspects of Diagnostics including Tonometry, Gonioscopy, Perimetry, Pachymetry, Topography, Fundus photography, OCT and ERG. Senior Optometrists and faculty Elite School Ms. Shenbagam, Ms. Deepa, Ms. Ramya, Ms. Yamuna,  Ms. K.P Mohana, Ms. Gella lakshmi, Ms. Hemalatha and Ms. Rekha. All the participants found the sessions extremely useful and requested to conduct a more elaborate session on Diagnostics in future.

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