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Students from BITS centers from across the country get a fresh perspective of their subjects

Students from BITS

The BITS Practice School-I Programme was conducted by the Vidyasagar Institute of Bio-Medical Science between 23rd May and 17th July 2014 at the Sankara Nethralaya main campus. A total of 10 students from different BITS campuses comprising 3 from BITS Pilani, 6 from BITS Hyderabad and 1 from BITS Goa participated in the same. The participants were split into 5 groups and assigned to five departments as follows 3 students at R.S Mehta Jain Department of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, 3 students at L & T Microbiology Research Centre, 2 students at SN ONGC Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology and 1 student each at the Nano Biotechnology and Information Technology & Systems Departments.

The students were given a good exposure to both the theoretical and practical aspects in their assigned areas and topics and gave a good feedback of their learning experience and interactions with faculty at the end of the training programme. Dr.K.Lily Therese, Programme Coordinator (VIBS) and Dr.P.R.Deepa, PS-I Instructor & BITS Programme Coordinator, Chennai distributed the successful completion certificates to the 10 participants.  Dr.H.N.Madhavan, Director of VIBS and faculty from all the departments appreciated the deep enthusiasm and interest with which the participants learnt the various techniques.

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