Students from Premium European B – School highly impressed with Sankara Nethralaya’s infrastructure and services

European B – School

The ‘Management Center Innsbruck’ is a premium educational institution in Austria which offers in MBA, MSc and many Executive Certified programs, the institution also conducts management seminars and research. The institution partners with the IIT-Madras for its management programs and its students spend a part of their semester at the IIT-Madras.  The students of the Innsbruck management Center visited the Sankara Nethralaya main campus and the Jaslok Community Ophthalmology Center identified by the IIT-madras as a preferred destinations for their on the job learning at a healthcare center. The students met the Executive Director Dr KS. Vasan and were thoroughly briefed on the various activities of the institution by Dr SS.Badrinath. They were highly impressed by the Research, patient care, training and teaching and extensive community services being carried out. They had a high word of praise for the staff who served with a smile, their dedication and team work and the low infection rates of the institution even by world standards. The students from Innsbruck and the faculty of IIT were most satisfied and fulfilled with the visit.

We take pleasure in sharing the note of appreciation from the Professor& Dean, Management Studies at IIT-Madras to the Assistant Registrar of the Sankara Nethralaya Academy below

Dear Sri Mahalingam,

We have few words to express our thanks and gratitude for the superb arrangements you made to enable the students from Management Center, Innsbruck, make a fruitful visit to your facilities.  We must thank all of your colleagues who participated in making the visit very valuable.  Special thanks are due to your Chairman, Dr. Badrinath and his team for having spared valuable time to interact with the students.  I must add that the lunch was delicious and everyone enjoyed it.

The students have shared their happiness at having directly learned about one of the finest eye-care facilities, and most importantly, the social and operational dimensions of your Institution.

If there is any way we could be of use to your work, please do inform me.  Looking forward to further association with you and all in your team, and with

Best wishes,

L. S. Ganesh.
Professor, Department of Management Studies (DoMS),
and Dean of Students,

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