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Students of the Sankara Nethralaya Academy celebrate Pongal with great fervour on 10.01.2014

Pongal celebrate

On 10th January 2014, Pongal the Tamil festival of harvest, bounty and thanksgiving to the Sun God was celebrated with bubbling enthusiasm at the sprawling Sankara Nethralaya Academy campus at Vanagaram by the students and the faculty members. The eventful day began with the eye -catching display of the Rangolis the bright and colourful designs on the floor marking the tradition and Tamil culture. Students from all streams exhibited their creative talents and innovative designs by drawing the colourful rangolis.

The special event of the day, the customary making of Pongal, was led by the by the Asst Registrar – Shri A. Mahalingam and Ms C G Sreedevi – Manager for the academy with enthusiastic participation by the faculty members and the students. A cheerful and full-throated chorus ‘Pongalo Pongal’ filled the air and kept ringing in and around the campus as the well decorated Pongal pot boiled to the brim.

A senior faculty member blessed the students and the staff members on the auspicious occasion and the merry celebrations culminated with the distribution of sweet Pongal. Various traditional cultural programmes were conducted as part of the celebration

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