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Sankara Nethralaya’s eye care with a personal touch creates a deep impact on senior ‘Patient Assistance’ professional

So Monday morning this week saw me making my way towards  Shankar Netralaya (the best Eye Care Institute this side of the Suez Canal) to consult with the Glaucoma expert  there . My surgeon here in Bombay , looking at my latest follow up reports suggested it might be a good thing do, looking at the pressure and whatever else it is that rings alarm bells if you have Glaucoma. And anyway I was going to Madras this weekend was I not?

Yes and so , after much weekend festivities and celebrations of my sister’s grandson’s first birthday , here I was on this bright morning , a brighter orange tag identifying me as a patient on my wrist. The man at the Enquiry Counter  put away the green “Attendant” tag  looking rather disapprovingly at unaccompanied me. I smiled convincingly; assuring him I would be fine and made my way towards the Registration Desk; my card, papers and paperback in hand. I knew there would be a long, long wait ahead.

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