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Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba, a beacon of hope to mankind, a Spiritual Master and one steadfast in his commitment for the betterment of the society has held millions around the world captive by his unique teachings and service. The Bhagwan’s supreme teachings of one religion called “Love”, one caste called “Humanity”, one language called [...]

Sankara Nethralaya’s eye care with a personal touch creates a deep impact on senior ‘Patient Assistance’ professional

So Monday morning this week saw me making my way towards  Shankar Netralaya (the best Eye Care Institute this side of the Suez Canal) to consult with the Glaucoma expert  there . My surgeon here in Bombay , looking at my latest follow up reports suggested it might be a good thing do, looking at [...]

Healthcare administration professionals shower praise on Sankara Nethralaya Academy’s “Certified Course in Hospital Management”

CCHM Course – 5th Batch Participants with Padmabhushan Dr S S Badrinath
The event was conducted to present Certificates to the fifth batch of successful candidates of the “CERTIFICATE COURSE IN HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT(CCHM)”.
About 16 professionals serving in the Health care industry at various levels had enrolled in this course to hone their administrative and technical skills [...]

Sankara Nethralaya observes ‘World Diabetes Day’ with great zeal and purpose

As an ophthalmic institution laying high importance on the preventive aspects of eye care as much as its curative aspects, Sankara Nethralaya has been in the forefront of creating awareness on the various facets of preventive eye care since its inception. Short films and events on the importance of  eye donation and the massive Diabetic [...]

The Sankara Nethralaya Academy conducts a niche and high power, two day seminar on ‘Accreditation for Hospitals’ by senior quality and healthcare gurus

Dr Tarun Sharma – Medical Director of Sankara Nethralaya is honouring Total Quality Management Guru Dr T V Subramanian on the occasion of the Accreditation for Hospitals seminar on 15.11.2013
As an educational institution in the fore front of imparting knowledge and learning through teaching and training initiatives, topical seminars and sharing of best practices and [...]

A seminar on “Reducing dropouts and making a successful contact lens practice”

The third of the series of workshops on “Successful contact lens practice” relating to retaining existing customers and strengthening business with a cutting edge, amidst stiff competition was held on the 10th Nov 2013 at the Sri. V. D. Swami Auditorium. The day long program witnessed over 40 enthusiastic participants that included academicians, students and [...]

Guest lecture by Swami Gauthamanandaji Maharaj, President Sri Ramakrishna Math on the topic IS THERE GOD?

“Sankara Nethralaya strongly advocates all round development of an individual’s personality and I am indebted to my Alma Mater for the ideologies and knowledge imparted to me during my schooling at the Ramakrishna Mission High School” recalled Dr.SS. Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus, Sankara Nethralaya in his welcome address at the Guest Lecture by revered Sri Gautamanandaji, [...]