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Sankara Nethralaya Promulgates Its Mission on World Sight Day

World Sight Day

In its indomitable spirit both in word and action, Sankara Nethralaya commemorated “World Sight day” jointly with “Scope International” on Thursday, the 10th October 2013 at the Standard Chartered Bank – Scope International premises, to draw global attention on awareness of blindness and vision debilitation.

Emphasizing the objective of understanding blindness and vision impairment as a major international public health issue, to educate target audience about blindness prevention and to influence corporate and government bodies to take part and designate funds for national blindness prevention programs. The Sankara Nethralaya team, headed by Dr.Sheila John, Head, Tele Ophthalmology and Multimedia along with Sri SVG Subramanian, Deputy Manager, CU Shah Eye Bank, Smt. Rajni Madhavan, Manager Optometry had put up stalls to demonstrate and educate on Low Vision, Computer vision syndrome, Lasik,  Opticals, Eye bank and Contact Lens and to spread the message of Banishing blindness.

Scope International subtly extended support to Sankara Nethralaya’s mission by their thoughtful and simple games such as “shooting balloons”, “pinning the donkey’s tail”, “blind man’s bluff”, “blind fold drawing” and “strike and write”, all being played blind folded.

Sankara Nethralaya’s teams were seen busy with a good footfall of people querying on contact lens practice, Lasik and eye donation, while Scope members entertained the audience through their games. The day came to an end with a clear message to “Allay blindness from the face of the earth”.

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