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Sankara Nethralaya and its founder win high praise in a review of its biography

Eminent clinical Psychologist, Management Consulant, Educator, HR Solutions provider and Founder Director of Gemba Management Consulting Pvt Ltd, Dr R.Karthikeyan is also a visiting faculty member of the Sankara Nethralaya Academy and a great admirer of Sankara Nethralaya and its founder and Chairman Emeritus Dr SS.Badrinath.  A voracious reader and literary critic he has recently reviewed the biography of Sankara Nethralaya titled ‘Insight” A passion for Compassion authored by Shri VV.Ranganathan, Shri George Skarias and Srimathi Meera Prasad. The review published in the Tamil edition of ‘The Hindu” hails Dr SS.Badrinath as a great example of a ‘Social Entrepreneur”.

Please click here for the review in Tamil

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