A knowledge based institution celebrates ‘Teacher’s day’ as a day of learning and good neighbourly spirit

Teacher’s day

As an institution with a strong emphasis in teaching and training, Sankara Nethralaya observed ‘Teacher’s Day’ as a day of knowledge acquisition, honouring a great teacher and good neighbourly spirit in the form of warm interaction with the members of the Madras Utkal association. The first part of the day’s celebration was marked by the delivery of in-depth lectures on the ‘Art of Communicating and Teaching’ and ‘Challenges in Medical Sciences’ by Dr KP.Misra, Director, Medical Education and Training, Apollo Hospitals, Bhubaneswar, a long time friend and associate of Dr SS.Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus, Sankara Nethralaya. This was followed by the delivery of the ‘Dr KP.Misra Endowment Oration’ by Prof Manoj Das a world renowned writer, outstanding orator in English and Oriya and a man of great learning and knowledge. Speaking on the topic ‘Vision of Future in Indian Mythology,’ Prof Manoj Das observed that we are passing through an age of paradoxes, an age where work is getting done at great speed, but we are left with no time to spare, we build elegant houses but live in broken homes, have advanced gadgets but continue to live in a state of confusion. He observed that Indian mythology if properly understood was highly reassuring and had the key to many of our problems, he rued that Hinduism as a religion, Hindu mythology and its symbolisms have been grossly misinterpreted and went on to give an in-depth interpretation of Shiva –Eternity and concepts like Timelessness, Atma, Brahma etc. He highlighted that Lord Jaganath was a personification of education and trust.

Speaking on the occasion Dr SS.Badrinath an old patron of the Madras Utkal Association and good friend of Dr KP.Misra, recalled with pleasure his humble role in founding the Dr KP.Misra Endowment Lecture in honour of a multifaceted and humanitarian doctor from Orissa who made Chennai his home away from home and served its citizens with passion and skill for 25 years. The highly enlightening function came to an end with a vote of thanks by eminent educationist and editor of well known spiritual journal Tatvaloka, Srimathi Sarla Panchapakesan.

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