The Sankara Nethralaya Academy commenced its Allied Health Science Courses for the academic year 2013 – 14

Allied Health Science Courses

The fact that there is an acute shortage of trained healthcare professionals in India, the dire need to address this critical issue and fill this gap with capable and competent human resource is something that all of us agree on. As an institution committed to bringing about excellence in healthcare management and delivery the Sankara Nethralaya Academy foresaw the need for good healthcare professionals and realized that the Human Resource shortage in the healthcare sector can be addressed only through high level knowledge transfer and training.

An expert committee was formed to go into the skill sets and knowledge needed by the various categories of Healthcare professionals engaged in a broad spectrum of activity and the courses and curriculum that would help in imparting the same. After a lot of deliberations and discussions the Expert Committee formulated several Allied Health Courses which would create highly competent healthcare professionals equipped and trained to play their role with perfection. These courses offered in association and affiliation with The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University and the Medical Research Foundation would be offered from this year and would meet the following objectives

• To address the Shortage of skilled work force
• To ensure quality health care delivery
• To provide employment opportunities

The Following Allied Health Science Courses were launched for this academic year.

1. Diploma in Ophthalmic Nursing Assistant.
2. BSc Lab Technology
3. Diploma in Refraction and Dispensing

Inaugural Event at the SN Academy: 05.08.2013

Shri A Mahalingam – Deputy Registrar warmly welcomed the students and parents assembled at the launch event, he briefed in detail about Sankara Nethralaya’s genesis, philosophy and culture for the benefit of the gathering and the vital role played by Allied health care professionals in the effective delivery of healthcare, highlighting the Sankara Nethralaya Academy’s endeavours towards creating highly knowledgeable and well trained Allied Healthcare Professionals to meet the demands of a highly competitive healthcare marketplace.

He explained that these professionals are highly skilled and share a major responsibility along with doctors in the delivery of health care services, including critical services related to the identification, evaluation and prevention of disease and disorders; dietary and nutritional services; health promotion services; rehabilitation services; and health system management services. Shri Mahalingam underlined that the health care reforms being implemented by the government to address the lacuna in the present health care delivery model laid high emphasis on an inter professional approach, where a multidiscipline team works together to address the needs of the patient and in the delivery of quality health care; rather than an individual belonging to a particular profession, adding that the Sankara Nethralaya Academy’s teaching and training programmes were based on the same principles of creating a multidisciplinary team of capable healthcare professionals.

This was followed by a detailed briefing on the rules and regulations governing the student and the institution by the Program Directors and answering queries from Parents & Students by the SN Academy team and briefing about the courses by the Program coordinators Dr Coral, Ms Anjura R, Ms Ashwini, Dr Vandhana. The first day’s schedule started on the mark after the briefing process.

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